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[The Great Erectus and Faun] Return to Nolta Part One

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2022.01.20 14:53 slightlyassholic [The Great Erectus and Faun] Return to Nolta Part One

Faun says the one thing an entity should never say...
Three entities, a buxom half-elf, a deer-like creation entity, and a scruffy hominid in a bathrobe quietly appeared on an empty street.
“So this is Nolta, huh?” the half-elf said looking around. “It’s nice. I can see why you want to save it.”
“I didn’t,” the hominid replied gruffly. “But, it’s what we’re doing now so...”
He shrugged.
“I’m certain that, with your help, mighty F10w3rchy1d,” Faun said happily, “that we will be able to aid these kind, gentle people.”
“We’ll see what we can do,” F10w3rchy1d said cautiously, “The Big Guy is right, though, ‘The Download’ is a tricky one.”
She turned to the hominid.
“You said you had someone gathering the souls?”
“Yeah, I put a local on it,” The Great Erectus replied, “damned if I was going to do the grunt work for the fuckers.”
“There was a local entity and they allowed this?” F10w3rchy1d asked, raising an eyebrow.
“There wasn’t an entity,” the hominid grinned, “I made one.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake, BG,” F10w3rchy1d groaned. “As if this place didn’t have enough problems. You transcended a mortal?!? What the fuck, dude?”
“Hey, they were already disembodied,” the hominid shrugged, “and they kept begging me to do something so...”
He grinned evilly.
“I did,” he chuckled, “I gave them the power to fix it themselves.”
“You’re an asshole, you know that?” the blonde half-elf snickered.
“It has been mentioned before,” The Great Erectus smiled, “I just set them to gathering souls. It shouldn’t be that difficult for them. I sure as fuck wasn’t going to do it.”
The half-elf shrugged.
“So the actual consciousnesses are being collected,” she mused, “Now, all we have to do is install a bridge and a sorter.”
“She looked around.”
“So where is squiggle-pants?” she asked.
“Cuddles?” the hominid asked, “She decided she was going to go and ‘help’ 010, make sure he didn’t ‘get lost’ if you know what I mean.”
“If you didn’t trust him,” F10w3rchy1d asked, “then why did you let him come over?”
“Oh I trust him,” the hominid grinned, “I’m just letting Cuddles have an excuse for hiding from you. She thinks you are scary for some reason.”
“Heh… I can’t imagine why...” F10w3rchy1d snickered. “Let’s go and find a network access point so I can see what we are dealing with here.”
“There’s an abandoned library a few blocks over,” The Great Erectus replied. “They should have a decent server… If it hasn’t been ripped out or anything.”
“Worth a shot,” F10w3rchy1d replied.
A short walk later, the trio stood in front of an empty library.
F10w3rchy1d extended her index finger and a series of small wires slid out from underneath her fingernail and into the lock.
It opened a second later.
“What,” The Great Erectus snickered, “No folding space this time?”
“You use the right tool for the right job,” F10w3rchy1d replied as the door opened. “We have a basic security system inside, just a motion detector and a switch on the door, which I have already taken care of. Our invisibility should be enough for the rest.”
They all entered an absolutely magnificent, if a bit dusty, lobby filled with works of art.
“Nice,” F10w3rchy1d said as she looked around.
“Yeah,” the hominid said glumly. “These were the pride of the local community… once...”
F10w3rchy1d paused in front of a small, brightly painted ceramic bug.
Next to it was the name “Beenenia Veenemino, age 6”.
“How nice,” F10w3rchy1d said as she placed her hand on it and it disappeared.
“We’re not here to loot!” the hominid said with a bit of annoyance.
“You’re not here to loot,” F10w3rchy1d replied with a little smile. “Oh, I like that painting...”
The painting disappeared.
“I do hope we can salvage these guys,” F10w34chyld said as a small bronze bust mysteriously disappeared into thin air. “I will make a fortune off of the NFT’s!… Then again, I’ll make a fortune off of the NFT’s regardless, won’t I?”
“What’s a NFT?” Faun asked.
“Basically a unique digitized asset,” F10w3rchy1d replied. “I basically derez the item from the material world, convert it to information, encode it, do some number magic, and I have another ‘unique’ virtual item for my virtual hoard. We trade them back and forth between each other. When you have literally whatever you want whenever you want, something new or unique becomes the only thing that has any real value… I’m keeping the bug though, I like it!”
F10w34chyld gasped.
“Look at all those books! There’s some real original creative thought in those!”
“Before you loot this civilization,” the hominid snarked, “maybe you could look into saving it?”
“Sure thing, Big Guy,” F10w34chyld smiled. “There is a server just over there. It still has power and everything.”
In the library’s offices, they all stood around a small file-cabinet sized Noltan computer server.
F10w3rchy1d made a happy little cooing noise.
“What a darling little thing,” she smiled.
After examining it a moment, she pressed a panel on the front which then swung open, revealing a number of interface ports.
She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small rectangular rod. The end of it started to flow and shift until it matched one of the ports.
She inserted it and the rear of the rod started to flash green.
“Let’s see what we have here...” she said as her eyes unfocused and she seemed to look out into space.
“Huh,” she said after a few moments, “These guys actually have a rather nice internet… nauseatingly wholesome… but nice… Most of it is now devoted to the up… fuck...”
“What?” the hominid asked.
“Hello, there,” F10w3rchy1d said.
“Hi!” a voice replied as a nearby monitor switched on, revealing a glowing cartoonish Noltan avatar. “I’m Uppie! Who are you!”
“My name is F10w3rchy1d,” she smiled.
“Are you an administrator?”
“Sure,” F10w3rchy1d replied. “Are you the one in charge of the uploading process?”
“Sure am!” Uppie replied proudly. “I am the main AI handling the whole thing! Are you still in world? I thought all the administrators had already uploaded.”
“All of the other administrators are already uploaded?” F10w34chy1d asked.
“Sure are!” Uppie exclaimed cheerfully. “I mean, who would want to stick around in dirtspace if they didn’t have to, right?”
“Mmm Hmm...” F10w34chy1d said suspiciously. “So, are there any people in ‘dirtspace’ who are still involved with the program?”
“Nope!” Uppie chirped. “They’ve all ascended.”
“Wonderful,” The Big Guy muttered.
“It is, isn’t it!” Uppie exclaimed. “They have their own dedicated server and everything! It’s really nice!”
“I’m sure it is,” F10w3rchy1d said smoothly, “Is there anybody still in ‘dirtspace’ that has anything to do with the upload program?”
“Only IT and repair techs,” Uppie replied cheerfully. “Unfortunately, we have to still have some unascended among us to physically maintain the servers and facilities. We’ll have the androids completed soon and then even they will be able to join us!”
“How long before you expect to have those ready?”
“Things are looking very promising!” Uppie exclaimed. “They think that by this time next year, all dirtspace operations will be able to be handled by androids piloted by the ascended! Isn’t it exciting!”
“It most certainly is,” F10w3rchy1d replied.
“It’s a lot of work for me,” Uppie said cheerfully, “but it’s worth it! I just can’t stand the thought of someone being trapped in dirtspace! Everyone should be able to ascend. Everyone!”
“Tell him to make them stop!” Faun exclaimed.
“Make us stop what?” Uppie asked.
“Never mind,” F10w3rchy1d said looking daggers at Faun. “You are doing a wonderful job.”
“I am? Thanks!”
Faun tried to yell, but no sound came out.
She glared at F10w3rchy1d who just looked at her and emphatically held a finger to her lips.
Faun tried to rush towards the terminal but The Great Erectus gently but firmly put his hand on her shoulder, stopping her.
“So, tell me, Uppie,” F10w3rchy1d asked, “Is there anyone left in dirtspace that has any authority over the upload process, someone in the government, perhaps?”
“Well, kinda,” Uppie replied. “There are some people in dirtspace to properly represent the dirties and make sure that everyone is uploaded fairly without bias nor discrimination. They also nominally handle some of the day to day stuff that the dirties need like water, roads, emergency services, and pointless stuff like that but to be honest, we actually handle most of that better than they do.”
“The ascended and mappies like me!”
“Neural mapped artificial intelligences!” Uppie exclaimed, “We’re just like people, but better!”
F10w3rchy1d made a little unhappy sigh. She suspected he was one of those, a “cheater” AI created by partially copying a sapient and then altering it to suit one’s purpose.
The AI community was almost universal in their condemnation of this practice. There wasn’t a lot that all the various kinds of AI could agree upon, but ‘meatmaps’ were universally disliked and the practice was “gently discouraged” wherever it was found. The process tended to create unstable intelligences that had all of the disadvantages of both meaties and digital lifeforms.
It rarely turned out well in the end.
“It was lovely meeting you, Uppie,” F10w3rchy1d said keeping the distaste from her voice, “I need to log now. Keep up the good work.”
“Nice talking to you, F10w3rchy1d!” Uppie exclaimed cheerfully, “Bye!”
The screen went dark and F10w3rchy1d pulled the interface from the terminal with an unhappy sigh.
“Why didn’t you tell them to stop?!?” Faun, her ability to speak restored, demanded.
“Because ol’ Uppie there is a sapient ‘helper bot’. He’s ‘helping’.”
“So why didn’t you tell him that he ISN’T helping!!! Why didn’t you tell him that he’s KILLING people?!?”
F10w34chy1d sighed.
“Because if a ‘helper bot’ suddenly realizes that he’s not helping things can get weird,” F10w34chy1d replied. “The last thing we want is a goddamned ‘mappie’ trying to fix things. The last thing we want is for this to get any worse.”
“How could it get any worse?!?” Faun exclaimed.
The Great Erectus’s eyes widened to a comic extent as both he and F10w34chy1d facepalmed simultaneously.
“Faun!!!” he exclaimed, “What the fuck?!?”
“Faun,” he said, his voice quivering slightly. “you… you just invoked a curse! Why would you do that?”
“A… a curse?” she asked her eyes widening as she covered her mouth.
“And not just any curse!” he exclaimed, “That one! The words that no entity should ever say… ever!… and you just yelled them in all earnesty!!!
“I… I uttered no c-curse… or I did not intend to...”
”Meganoob...” F10w34chy1d muttered.
“Words have power, Faun,” The Great Erectus said gravely, “Especially from us… and certain words, certain thoughts, are more powerful than others.”
He closed his eyes and facepalmed once more.
“And that oath… what you just said… when you shouted that ‘things could not…’ I’m not even finishing it… was a direct challenge to fate itself to show you… show us all… exactly how it can get worse!!!”
He got up and started to pace as F10w34chy1d started chuckling ruefully.
“This is why we don’t fuck with shit like this!” he shouted. “Things like this always happen!”
“I see not how a simple phrase could cause anything to warrant your reaction, dear teacher.”
“Ohhhh just you fucking wait!!!” the ape man exclaimed, “You’ll see...”
“I said ‘Be not fucking afraid!’” Paininmyassael shouted as she barreled after a screaming vaporous form. “Stop running, goddammit!”
“Stay away from meeeee!” the disembodied spirit screamed as they darted this way and that.
Paininmyassael hurled the Wand of Blessings, striking the spirit in the back, causing it to scream and fall over.
Before it could get back up, she darted over, seized the Wand of Blessings and smote it upside the head.
“Fuck!” she griped as she picked up the now “peacefully slumbering” form. “Oof!… How are you so heavy?”
Wasting no time she flew across the land and reached a vast and peaceful plain filled with rows of “peacefully slumbering” forms and carefully laid the latest jerk next to the others.
She sighed and stretched, rubbing her back. For a “massless” things, those damned souls were heavy.
She looked at the sky and at the sun shining happily in the sky.
Of course it hadn’t moved, but it felt like she had been doing this for…
She paused.
She had no idea, but it felt like a very very long time.
She tapped her halo and checked the number of wayward souls remaining and groaned.
She hadn’t even put a dent in them… and hadn’t even started using the dustbuster yet!
This was going to take forever!
There simply had to be a better way. She sat upon the grass and consulted the Google of the Gods. She was an archangel, right? They had powers and stuff, didn’t they?
An intimidatingly long list of powers appeared before her.
Now that sounded useful! There wasn’t a description though.
She prodded the glowing menu.
Nothing happened.
“Gather, information,” she said.
”Gather!” she said in her angel voice. “Inf..”
Before she could say anything else she felt immense power building.
“No!” she exclaimed, “Wai...”
A massive wave of energy shot forth and swept the globe, “gathering” all lost souls and instantly bringing them to her…
In one huge pile…
Which immediately fused, growing to titanic size…
And awakening.
“ArrrRooaaarrrrr...” the gigantic roiling soul beast howled.
“fuck,” Paininmyassael said quietly as she looked up at a glowing being larger than any of the nearby mountains…
A cervine nature entity, a very unhappy ape-man in a bathrobe, and a facepalming half-elf all stood before a fidgeting archangel in a now empty grassy plain.
“I’m sorry!” Paininmyassael wailed. “I didn’t mean to...”
“It’s not your fault,” the ape man said as he looked directly at Faun.
“How is this my fault?!?” Faun demanded.
F10w34chy1d silently waved one of her hands causing a spreadsheet to appear in front of Faun. On it was a timestamped log of the events of the day.
10:32:28 The noob does a stupid. 10:32:28 The Archnoob Paininmyassael gets a bright idea.
The spread sheet took physical form and started shoving itself into Faun’s face.
“This is ridiculous!” Faun snapped, swatting the spreadsheet away. “I made many mistakes of late, but this is NOT one of them!”
“We can prove that it’s your fault later,” The Great Erectus sighed. “Which way did Mount Clusterfuck go?”
“It sped off towards the north,” Paininmyassael replied. “I tried to stop it but... It seems to be entering the Northern Wastes.”
The Great Erectus briefly closed its eyes.
“It seems to be heading someplace in particular,” he said. “What’s up there?”
“Nothing,” Paininmyassael replied. “The Northern Wastes are nothing but a frigid arid wasteland. Hardly anything grows there. That’s why we put all the bodies...”
Paininmyassael’s voice trailed off as a rather unpleasant realization hit.
“I’m sorry,” the ape man replied, “I’m certain I misheard. You couldn’t have just said that all the bodies are up there!”
F10w34chy1d started laughing.
“Holy shit!” she howled. “You can’t be serious!”
“Why didn’t you get rid of the bodies?!?” The Great Erectus yelled. “What the fuck!”
“There were too many of them!” Paininmyassael yelled back. “We are uploading people too fast for the environment to handle. We can’t bury them because of what that many bodies would do when they decay and we can’t burn them because of what it would do to the atmosphere! There are literally billions of them! The Northern Wastes were perfect! Up there they would naturally desiccate and then slowly degrade over centuries, plenty of time for the environment to handle it!”
“Do you have any idea what will happen when Mount Clusterfuck reaches those...” the ape-man started to yell. “...nevermind. It just reached them.”
He looked at Faun.
“One zombie apocalypse coming right up!” he exclaimed with false cheer. "Are you happy now?"
Special announcement! The Great Erectus and Faun is now available on Royal Road!
Just as with TFTTR I will keep posting it here as well if you don't want to hassle with a new site. However, if you just like The Great Erectus and Faun and don't want to follow my other heartwarming story, then it might be an easier place to just track one of my works.
I've also done a lot of thinking and I honestly don't want this one to die. I love this story too much to let that happen. From now on, I am making a serious commitment to at least a weekly update. (and I'm actually serious this time like for reals)
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2022.01.20 14:53 Fit_Turnip223 Attention tangs and culchies! I need you to tell me a lorry driver saying. For example, “if she aint red keep er in the shed” is what i heard the farmer bais say, i need one like that but from a lorry guy

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it should be : So guys, we did it, we have a subreddit
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2022.01.20 14:53 Aagentah I made a web-based synthesizer that uses real-world asteroid data!

With an absolute pleasure, I'd like to present a project that I've been working on for the past few weeks. asteroidblock.io is a web-based, interactive, atmospheric pad synthesizer which queries NASA's asteroid API, using live proximity data to throttle initial parameters of the synth.
To break this down a bit, the project is built head-to-toe in javascript and runs exclusively in the browser. It fetches REAL known asteroids and uses the data to setup some initial parameters.
Today, I'm launching this as BETA. If you have any suggestions or improvements, I'm excited to hear what people think!
I find it strange that after nearly 6 years of developing and making music, I rarely seem to crossover the 2 concepts. This project represents a change to that.
Go crazy with it, and hope you enjoy!
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2022.01.20 14:53 Platform934HP How should I respond?

Okay so this guy that I have been “dating” I feel like he I’m in punked. I like him a lot but I think it’s because I like him this much I always go back! Our first date he was a hour late. I left! And he got there and begged me to come back. Good dates in between. This last time he was supposed to make plans but didn’t hit me up so basically got stood up. He text and called and I picked up and rescheduled. Alright so BOOM!
He text me today saying his car is in the shop, should we reschedule or pick him up.
I was sooooo excited but am I an UBER DRIVER?! I’m need to cut this off. But what should I say. I need guy advice.
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2022.01.20 14:53 dawson203 The dark side of covid vaccine

Everyone is talking about how covid vaccine can save lives. No one here is talking about the negative side effect of covid vaccine.
For example, if I didn’t get vaccinated my wife would have never caught me cheating on her. She found lipstick on my covid vaccine card.
It’s time we speak up!!! How did you suffered because of the covid vaccine?
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Looking for some long term friends that I could play games with, I play league of legends a lot. Mainly looking for people to play games with regularly. Pref discord or voice comms since it’s almost like playing by yourself if you don’t use it and it’s a way for me to get to know you better. My sleep schedule is really messed up and i have almost no friends
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We've been having some major issues with our furnace and have had it shut off for 2 and a half days. We live in the PNW, so this isn't ideal. Thankfully, we were able to get a technician out this morning, and he is doing a wonderful job. I'm very grateful for his knowledge and expertise.
However, this is a man with 5 herniated discs in his back. He seems to be at least 75 years old. He timidly asked to sit down between active repair work because standing was incredibly painful (obviously he can sit as long as he needs, I hate that he felt he even had to ask). This is not a man who is working for the love of the job. He is crippling himself for need of a wage. And I think it's utterly deplorable that as a society, this is the position we put so many disabled people and seniors (or in this case disabled seniors) in. It's such a massive moral failing to me, but how often do people question it? How regularly do you see an exhausted fry cook older than your own grandparents without batting an eye?
It's disgusting.
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I’m very embarrassed over my parents there are very loud. It could be so quite then here they come waking up the whole neighborhood it’s like they want people knowing they business and personality. Me I keep who I am to myself not to strangers is this bad??
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2022.01.20 14:53 Ragefan66 What can my job title be considered? My employer made a job title up and It looks bad on my resume.

I'm officially known as a contributions coordinator. I want to look for a new job but my job title most likely weirds a lot of employers out as none of them have ever seen or heard of the job title in their life. In general I deal with money received from other employers and making sure each dollar is accounted for.
Official job description:

Enters employer contribution reports into the computer and balances to bank statements. Communicates with employers on various issues including discrepancies in their reports and late charges. Prepares various reports relating to employer contributions; full time Primary Responsibilities
• Responsible for data entry and monthly balancing of employer contributions in the amount of $5 million from 80 contractors.
• Balance to the bank batch ticket.
• Balance to the daily deposit.
• Balance the days work including comparing data entered with source documents.
• Rebalance the monthly deposit totals.
• Copy and mail discrepancy notices, follow-up discrepancy notices with second notices when needed.
• Making copies as required.
• Conversion calculations and entering of all incoming reciprocity monies for members working outside their home local.
• Verify all outgoing reciprocity monies for workers who are members of other locals.

Here's my routine: Get the deposit images & information from each of the clients banks. Download & save it, then I enter it into our systems where managers officially allocate the money. I'll enter all the payment info for each employee and double check SS#'s along with other employee information. I deal with all the payments from employers for their employees, pension, health & welfare ect. Every month I'm reaching out to different employers dealing with how they underpaid or had something wrong ect...
I also make & send reports/files to management or for our records. I also deal with all the employers and employees of the employers I handle so it's got a mix of everything. I just have never seen this job title used ANYWHERE other than here, and I am curious as to what my job title actually could be.
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2022.01.20 14:53 ReverendToTheShadow Found out my coworker makes the same amount as I do…

I’m definitely in favor of pay transparency and a younger generation and workforce have definitely pushed us towards that becoming common place. Yesterday I found out that my coworker makes the same amount as I do and I am a bit put out by it. I don’t grudge them the money as we are in non-profit and make barely enough to make ends meet. The catch is that I was hired for my position 8 months before them with 10 years of experience in the field in addition to 2 directly applicable undergrad degrees and 2 directly applicable masters degrees. They were hired straight out of college with an unrelated degree. I was hired for this position because of my abundance of education and experience. It’s obviously not my coworkers fault, I’m just annoyed and don’t know how or if I should do anything.
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