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Test post

2022.01.20 14:25 themaid_fromPune Test post

Test post
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2022.01.20 14:25 BigCballer I can’t take it anymore

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2022.01.20 14:25 schmidneycrosby Team lots for sale: NL West

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2022.01.20 14:25 mostafa_tux آتش سوزی در پارک جنگلی قرچک

مدیرعامل سازمان آتش نشانی و خدمات ایمنی شهرداری قرچک از آتش سوزی پارک جنگلی زیباشهر و مهار آتش در این محل خبرداد.
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2022.01.20 14:25 sans_amogus DM me if u got lightbringer, have a good offer

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2022.01.20 14:25 Comfortable_Dog_3084 [OC] Is Romantic Kissing a Human Universal?

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2022.01.20 14:25 Lahdensinged A good game with Gangplank.

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2022.01.20 14:25 throwofftom God tier Vostok Boris Yeltsin?

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2022.01.20 14:25 qRocko İNCİCİ UYUR MU LEN MQ QWE:ASDDAS:EQW

WEQWqwe :wq:qw:fqw:w
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2022.01.20 14:25 BimmysRetirementTour The Beginning of Bames Selling Out.

He used a Screenwave Fidget Spinner. Got rid of what made him likeable in the Rolling Rock, and brought in what everybody hates most.


If you see this Justin Silverman, you're a fat unlikeable fuck and nobody likes you. You couldn't entertain a puppy, let alone 3.5 million subs. Fuck you.
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2022.01.20 14:25 _smellie 4 years with my baby lucifer today :-)

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2022.01.20 14:25 mostafa_tux این میوه ها سه سوته کبد چرب را درمان می کنند!

یک از روش های آسان برای درمان کبد چرب خوردن برخی میوه‌های مفید است که خیلی فوری آن را رفع می‌کنند.
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2022.01.20 14:25 christianbsv Does blockchain fix unintentional irony?

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2022.01.20 14:25 geekmaster_ragingeek REVIEW - Marvel Select - Venom 7" figure - by Diamond Select Toys

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2022.01.20 14:25 Ruisufirippu Sem esperanças

Bom infelizmente eu estou passando por um momento mt difícil financeiramente, pois a minha mãe ela está desempregada a mais ou menos 6 ou 7 meses, ela está tentando arrumar um emprego, porém está bem difícil dela arrumar um emprego que atendem as expectativas dela, e esses últimos meses vem ficando bem apertados para nos, estamos com dificuldades nas compras e em várias coisas, sorte nossa é que agente mora na casa dos meus avós e n precisamos nos preocupar com contas de luz, água, gás etc. Enfim estou bem chateado e literalmente sem esperança para o futuro, e ainda tenho que me preocupar com meus estudos que estão prestes a começar.
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2022.01.20 14:25 Old-Jicama3444 JUMP FEAT YB

in the beginning of jump ft yb it sound like yb said "aint talking about no bitch ass nle"
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2022.01.20 14:25 mostafa_tux هشدار؛ پنجشنبه و جمعه به کوه نروید !

رکنا : کارشناس هواشناسی گفت: به علت بارش برف، وزش باد شدید و احتمال کولاک در روزهای پنجشنبه و جمعه به کوهنوردی و طبیعت گردی نروید.
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2022.01.20 14:25 THIRSTyLMON lets goooo!!! 🔥 ✋

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2022.01.20 14:25 gaaaguuu1 LM Nomad -GUUUSHY (Visual)

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2022.01.20 14:25 Theman554 Best MTB shoes for enduro/XC

Looking to replace my Specialized 2FO mtb shoes. Honestly my top choice right now is to simply buy a new pair of them because they have done well for me. Recently I purchased a Canyon Lux and have been riding that a ton because my local trails just aren't technical enough for me to really "use" my enduro bike. I don't want to go super ultra lightweight XC shoes because I never liked them for when I do ride enduro.
Really just looking for recommendations for a pair of shoes thats "good" for both.

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2022.01.20 14:25 OkTill2989 Psychiatrist advice please.

Hello so I’m having my first ever psychiatrist meeting in 2 hours & I’m quite nervous but ready to throw myself into whatever may happen. I have notes & have wrote paragraphs info for the psychiatrist to read through covering everything. I’ve suspected I had bpd since 16/17 when I first displayed symptoms. I’m just looking for advice for things to mention & cover because this was a lot of money for me to spend & want to get my absolute most out of it. I also suspect I will also be diagnosed with other things too, like anxiety & depression of sorts. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 14:25 s0rela Just a cute kitten with their tongue stuck out

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2022.01.20 14:25 Akira693 RTX 3080 ti and i7 12700k build

I'm looking to build a new pc around the RTX 3080 ti and i7 12700k. I'm gonna use it for gaming, mainly Black Desert Online, but also looking to play some triple A titles on max settings at 1440p 165hz.
This is the build I came up with it: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BNC2QD
What do you think of this combination of parts. Anything you would change? I would like to say in the same budget range.
Thoughts on the motherboard? I plan on upgrading to ddr5 in the future when there's lower latency ram with better prices but at the moment ddr5 ram and motherboard are a bit out of my price range.
I chose 4 fans because I want to swap out the case fans.
Should I go windows 10 or 11?
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2022.01.20 14:25 Arny520 I think it's best not to think about the functionality of the gun

Can somehow shoot a single shot pistol constantly?
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2022.01.20 14:25 duh_and_or_hello "Chronic atrophic gastritis" in 46F. What does it mean?

My wife (Age 46, 5'9", 180 lbs., antidepressants, fomatadine) received the below diagnosis following a routine endoscopy.
"Chronic atrophic gastritis with intenstinal metaplasia is identified by goblet cells - AB/PAS. This type of multifocal atrophic gastritis is most associated with Helicobacter infection. This is not the type of atrophic gastritis that is associated with autoimmune gastritis. - Helicobacter is not identified by immuno stain."
My wife is now sure she's dying of stomach cancer, despite being given very standard treatment options of famatodine and diet changes.
What does this diagnosis mean?
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