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A Serious of Unfortunate Events For A Scout Car

2022.01.20 13:29 ZEINthesalvaged A Serious of Unfortunate Events For A Scout Car

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2022.01.20 13:29 UbiquityChaos Got bored and wondered how Scottie would look standing next to the Rock and made a rough example of what it would be like

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2022.01.20 13:29 umdtortuga [US-MD] [H] PayPal[W] Cat PBT

Hi everyone! I am looking to buy a Swagkeys Cat PBT keycap set. If you have one for sale please let me know! :)
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2022.01.20 13:29 External_Lifeguard49 Tupac, Treach and Eazy - 1992

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2022.01.20 13:29 GentleMoonFlower what would you do if you won a prize of zero hundred million dollars? ($000,000,000)

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2022.01.20 13:29 crimson117 The Lizards has the same opening chord progression as Encanto's Two Oruguitas

Anyone else hear the similarities?

  1. The Lizards
  2. Two Oruguitas (Encanto)
  3. Bonus: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You has similarities
  4. Double bonus: Running Through The Fields (For Jeffrey) (verse @ 0:55)
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2022.01.20 13:29 cmography Cincinnati bengals Drone Footage 1/15/2022

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2022.01.20 13:29 ShepC130 Intramural Official

Has anyone worked as an Intramural Official? Is it a lot of work? Is it fun? I have a busier schedule this semester, but I also want to work a bit on campus, so I am considering my options.
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2022.01.20 13:29 peepeepoopoo61 Are there any good hairstyles/haircuts for people with thin fine hair and square faces?

Are there any good hairstyles/haircuts for people with thin fine hair and square faces?
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2022.01.20 13:29 Plane-Community-3170 is mp3 supposed to be this difficult to the point of it being unfair?

For the record, I just finished 1 and 2 for the first time and I decided to try 3 on hard with the assumption that's what the game's meant to be played on (considering thats how you unlock the extra modes), but every time I just get more and more frustrated. I'll come out of climbing up a ladder in a cutscene and I'll get instantly one-shotted at like 75% health with nothing for me to do about it. I know the first 2 games could get hard too but it never felt this bad. It doesn't help either you get basically no bullettime in this game from killing enemies.
should I just cut my losses and bump it down to normal? And on that note too do the cutscenes EVER get less frequent? I swear it's frustrating because I actually LIKE how the game feels, but it's hard to appreciate it when I'm thrown in a cutscene every other second that I can't even skip because it's "still loading" (which is bs because I have this game on an SSD)
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2022.01.20 13:29 United-Breadfruit-15 Study help

Hello, I'm not sure if this is allowed so I apologize in advance if it isn't. I'm bipolar and I decided to center a university project around bipolar. For that I will need a few mood charts (around 20 if possible). I'm hoping some of you will accept to share their mood charts. Thank you for reading and have a great day !
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2022.01.20 13:29 mathemathicc1923 How different cultural backgrounds impact the perception and understanding of cancer

Hi hope anyone can help me out. I’m a medical student and we have a small presentation about this topic. So far we’ve thought about including how religion can affect how some patients percieve cancer and we will also talk about cultural competent care. I’ve tried looking for relevant and good literature, but I’m a bit lost.
Any thoughts on this topic? Have you experienced anything in your medical practice that is related to this? Any good search engines or literature/studies you would recommend? Any tips would be helpful :-)
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2022.01.20 13:29 Comfortable-Promise9 hows the area doing?

my brother is coming up to visit me today and hasnt been to pilot since 2016. we were talking about going out to Pilot to climb tomorrow but the weather conditions look a little gnarly today. neither of us mind the cold, but if driving conditions are not so great or its pouring rain/the rock is wet and anyone could let me know if its better to just save it for another day id greatly appreciate it 😅
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2022.01.20 13:29 Gladerp Protestants Are Now Cuba's Most Repressed Religious Group, Tally Finds

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2022.01.20 13:29 Navtej_7 Why is that nobody believes in me?

So, I want to tell you my story and please read all, and tell me that what should I do?
Well, my life is like, nobody ever believed in me and no one will I think. Its my family, friends, and everyone who always says I screw up most of the things which I do and always says that I can't do anything in my life except my one best friend.
So, if I talk about my family then I want to tell you that my big brother, he has like some businesses and very successful and like earning some very good money. And, he is like in his 20s only and here I am. It's not like I am not good in studies or I am out of the track or anything like that.
Let's just forget about the friends, and at least my family should believe in me and encourage me.
Its just that I screw up things sometimes and is wasting my time according to my family. And, my both of the parents listen to my brother a lot and they just feel like whatever he is saying is right.
And, today he called us and just causal talk and staring talking like I am unworthy and I cannot do anything in ny life well.
But I really believe in me and think that I can also be successful in my life and can outperform everyone else.
At my age my brother was also like shit, he didn't used to study at all and just do nothing. But since he starting earning the money my parents perspective like f*ing change completely and, my parents really don't like care about me and isn't like happy from me.
But now I've started doing something online and hope that I be also successful int it. And, I just want to prove my parents that I am also worthy and can be more good and successful than my brother.
So, please if anybody can give me any suggestions or anything, it would just feel great and if anything like this or relates to this happened to you and how did you dealt with it and most importantly what I should to do prove them that I am also that worthy
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2022.01.20 13:29 GuvnorOfficial Ronaldo after being substituted. Hope he gets better. 💔

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2022.01.20 13:29 QuietMaleficent2846 Pooped from playing in the snow

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2022.01.20 13:29 Jeppedepep Bad pcvr resolution

Hey all! I think the gameplay is “Allright” for the new pcvr. But I can’t seem to change the terrible resolution the game is rendering at in my vr headset. I’m playing the Xbox game pass version with an oculus rift s on a Ryzen 5 3600X and a RX 5700XT. Anyone else having the same issue and maybe a fixe?
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2022.01.20 13:29 PARPS You know I keep that thang on me

You know I keep that thang on me submitted by PARPS to AllFantasyEverything [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:29 Variety-Logical kya maa chod raaha hai saachi mei?

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2022.01.20 13:29 Fireflyfanatic1 Watch out for the FED hammer 😂. I need a Tamp my large check doesn’t clear the bank until tomorrow….

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2022.01.20 13:29 DoktorDyper1974 I've never been satisfied with Humanz/The Now Now, so I combined them into a Plastic Beach-tier Gorillaz Album

I like Humanz and The Now Now, but I feel like they each have the exact opposite problem as the other one. Humanz is too overloaded with guests, and The Now Now feels too barren. So, to fix this, I combined the best songs from both albums into one super-album. I still call it Humanz because I think it's a better title. My tracklist (although it's still a work in progress) is:

  1. Intro (various interludes from Humanz edited together)
  2. Ascension (feat. Vince Staples)
  3. Humility (feat. George Benson)
  4. Tranz
  5. Saturn's Bars (feat. Popcaan)
  6. Fire Flies
  7. Andromeda (feat. DRAM)
  8. Busted and Blue
  9. Sleeping Powder
  10. Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine)
  11. Lake Zurich
  12. Moments (feat. De La Soul)
  13. Souk Eye
  14. Ticker Tape (feat. Kali Uchis and Carly Simon)
  15. We Got The Power (feat. Jenny Beth and Noel Gallagher)
If anyone has any suggestions to improve the tracklist, I'm open to them.
submitted by DoktorDyper1974 to gorillaz [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:29 InkedJam My brother trying to save a lamb whilst drunk

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2022.01.20 13:29 Remarkable-Sample-16 Victimisation following discrimination

I’m from Northern Ireland. I tend to take temporary contracts here and there as I freelance. I use an agency for this. I had a high paying ongoing role in 2019, I was pregnant and had worked enough to avail of statutory maternity pay. When covid first hit I was sent home from the office as they felt they could not put measures in place to keep me safe and we knew little about the severity of covid and pregnancy at that time. Anyway by law the agency had to find me alternative work or failing that had to pay me. They attempted to refuse and bully me into taking SSP reducing my earnings by about 400 per week and causing me to lose out on maternity pay. The particular agent was conniving trying to do everything by phone, I would quote her the exact piece of legislation and asked why she didn’t feel this applied as the law explicitly states it should, I’d always get the childish response of “it just doesn’t.” I would plead with her to please give me a reason, i stated this was causing me so much stress and I was having pregnancy complications so I begged her to read the regs and advise me properly. I went on to have a baby born with a severe brain injury due to stress but that’s another story.
Anyway I was not having this, took the case to Labour Relations, confirmed I was correct and I was able to ask for the pay owed to me plus any amount up to 12k in compensation. I just wanted the pay I was owed and to avail of my earned maternity pay. Fast forward now 2 years, I’ve submitted various applications to the agency, no response at all. I thought it must be in my head, gave benefit of the doubt maybe there were a lot of more qualified candidates. I was eventually offered a role, I accepted, then they ghosted me entirely. I’ve heard nothing for 2 weeks. I’ve continued to submit my CV for positions I’m more than qualified for and I’m just being ignored at this stage.
The job market in NI isn’t huge and unfortunately this particular agency has a monopoly in my line of work.
I suppose I’m just looking for opinions on whether this constitutes victimisation and do I even have much of a case here to pursue further.
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2022.01.20 13:29 Maffster Discord Continuum is recruiting!

Discord Continuum, one of the oldest and most stable fleets in the game, is looking for a Captain to join our fleet!
We have a maxed Starbase as well as other resources for our members on Discord. We have an active chat channel that operates over many time zones (hello fellow Brits!) and plenty of veteran members able to give great advice to newer players.
You must be at least Capt level 20, social, contribute to daily targets and willing to use Discord. Our fleet stands with other top performing fleets with many captains level 90+ and top 100 finishes (fleet, squad and individual), but our main aim is to have fun in the game!
Ping myself or our admiral Fizzbin11 for an application or more details. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!
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