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[LF] Molly, Judy, Apollo or Rosie [FT] Ask and I’ll probably say yes

2022.01.20 14:45 Skeegu_ [LF] Molly, Judy, Apollo or Rosie [FT] Ask and I’ll probably say yes

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2022.01.20 14:45 Lehmann_Ave Chocolate raspberry macarons for my friends birthday

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2022.01.20 14:45 dreamyinsomniac MK Park Arrival Merch

Hey guys!! I just got my itinerary and I'm super excited because I get to work at Magic Kingdom! I haven't seen anyone talk about park arrival merch so does anyone have any insight?
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2022.01.20 14:45 Pineapples_29 Unsubbed from r/depressionmemes because the mods allow people to encourage s*icide!

Some guy today said “I’m going to do it this isn’t a meme” and everyone in the comments is saying “well good luck I hope I can go soon too!”... and congratulating him on going for it. WTF W T F
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2022.01.20 14:45 Manhattan72 [Gifted] Work is Work Contest Winner u/GewdAndBaked #114-2489509-9526630

I had lots of great guesses for my contest. You folks rock! Of all the guesses, GewdAndBaked came the closest with Supply Chain Analyst. I work for a Customs Broker and a big part of my job is sending out work orders to trucking companies so that goods can be picked up at the LA/Long Beach harbor.
Thank you all for playing and order ##114-2489509-9526630 should be delivered Saturday.
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2022.01.20 14:45 Secret_Camera6313 Looking for a specific game

Me and my friends all want a co-operative online game to play together. Something along the lines of a survival/building a settlement type beat. We played a bunch of minecraft, but we want a bit more. My first idea was to play "The Forest", but its only 8 people and we are closer to 15. And then theres Ark, which for some reason I'm just not too sure about. Either way, let me know if you guys have any ideas.
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2022.01.20 14:45 JesusBroheme Help a new player, don't know how to build wraith kit w/ new codex coming...

So I just got my start collecting wraith kit and looked through the instructions for them. There are a ton of great options with weapons and stuff, but I have no idea what weapons do, their gameplay roles, or any of that stuff. I am not going to magnetize and I don't want to buy like 5 SC boxes to make sure I have every possible combo....Is every weapon viable at least or would I need to just blue tak them in place until I'm ready to glue? I guess this hobby gets expensive because you have to keep re-buying the same models if you want different weapons? How does this all work?
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2022.01.20 14:45 ganymede00 I wanna commission some art but I don't know how

I want to be able to commission someone for art but idk how I would pay them as my brother doesnt like paypal and that you have to pay to use it and find it more convenient to just pay through his bank.
What do I need to commission some art?
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2022.01.20 14:45 Impressive-Use-7948 New Tab

New Tab
DP World has announced the launch of its new digital compliance and revenue platform, Cargoes Customs. The platform enables completely paperless trade by deploying technological solutions such as an artificial intelligence-driven risk engine and smart valuation to streamline the customs procedure.
Cargoes Customs provides an intelligence-enabled, unified customs operating model that optimises border management and revenue collection activities. Customs agencies may use the technology to make commerce easier, safeguard global supply lines, and improve compliance.
At the same time, it helps government agencies minimise revenue leakage. The platform is built to assist global customs organisations in reforming and modernising processes by streamlining digital transformation through the latest technology and tools.
The system is further enhanced by its risk engine which detects revenue leakages. This technology improves visibility and traceability, and is based on WCO best practices, thereby optimising the customs clearance process. This helps enforce compliance and promotes seamless collaboration between authorities, government departments and stakeholders.
Offering a single window interface, Cargoes Customs is configurable and uses a template-based design which means customs organisations can update or roll-out new services at the click of a button. It supports all file formats commonly used in customs, and is WCO, WTO and SAFE framework compliant.
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, group chairman and chief executive officer of DP World said: “Trade is a key driver to help economies around the world to recover fairly and sustainably from the economic shock of the pandemic. At DP World, we are doing our part to make trade flow as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, and with Cargoes Customs we really help customs authorities around the world to become dramatically more efficient – now and for the long term. This new digital solution connects customs officials and traders through an easy-to-use interface and a suite of custom-built tools. We will continue to invest in our digital platforms to bring simplicity, transparency and efficiency to global trade – at customs, and beyond.”
Pradeep Desai, chief technology officer, DP World concluded: “Demand for digital solutions has never been higher and will only keep growing. We are leveraging technology to create value for our customers and help drive growth. DP World created Cargoes to solve pressing challenges caused by supply chain related inefficiencies. It’s a holistic solution powered by technology targeting all aspects of global trade including finance, ERP, tracking, terminal operating system, customs software and enabling end-to-end logistics.”
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2022.01.20 14:45 True_Monk9 I am confused

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2022.01.20 14:45 BigB00tyBitchess What Philly needs right now

A former MVP, all time leader in triple doubles, HOF PG in Russell Westbrook. Doc wants a guard that can shoot, well Russ isn’t afraid to shoot. He can dime, grab boards. he’s the perfect trade piece for Benjamin Simmons
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2022.01.20 14:45 Random_User240 Wfl

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2022.01.20 14:45 Additional-Quit-1385 Song

I’m gonna kick you when your down I’m gonna kick you in the head I’m gonna kick you everywhere I’m gonna kick you when your down when your dowown I’m gonna kick you when your down I’m gonna kick you in the head I’m gonna kick you when your down.
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2022.01.20 14:45 jordancarteryoumybro How to improve and learn. Out of the loop

Main Goal: learn and stay up to date with current metas and learn pendulum and links .
What I’m needing: Where can I learn about cards coming out and the progression of the meta now and maybe even what it was before, just to get some context on what’s been going on. Websites on current strong decks? Meta websites ? cards from ocg and/vs tcg I should get in game ?
I know everything from the tcg won’t apply to the game but i’m assuming most will as far was what was good and what is good.
I played yu gi oh until they added pendulum and I transitioned into high school. Haven’t played since then, only played casually with my mates and a ios game called duel generations, was really into making causal decks . I’m familiar with almost all mechanics and a tiny bit with linking and pendulum. Mostly working on the solo mode rn.
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2022.01.20 14:45 Real-Soraith Inspired by Chess 0, which is inspired by Chess 4,294,967,296, which is inspired by Chess 960. I created a new variant called Chess NULL, there are no square and pieces and you cant play it, as chess is a waste of time

Inspired by Chess 0, which is inspired by Chess 4,294,967,296, which is inspired by Chess 960. I created a new variant called Chess NULL, there are no square and pieces and you cant play it, as chess is a waste of time submitted by Real-Soraith to AnarchyChess [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 14:45 TheBoyInGray This song is a bop

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2022.01.20 14:45 n3rdychick Suggestions for fun "lesser" gods for a BBEG to usurp?

If your campaign started in Bear Point, spoilers ahead, stop reading.
In this campaign, Vecna is trying to become the sole deity by using the true names of gods to absorb their domains and powers. So far, he has managed to take over a few lesser gods that did not guard their true names, such as Yeenoghu the demon god of the gnolls.
The main pantheon is protected for now, their names are on a tablet that was broken in pieces and hidden in the world as artifacts the party can track down before Vecna does.
What are some other gods with limited domains that would be around a similar power level with Yeenoghu? I'm looking to slowly add gods to Vecna's portfolio but don't want him to have control over huge domains like "the wilderness and sea" until much later in the campaign when the players are more involved in the artifact hunt. Should I stick to monster racial gods to give monster races more reason to be hostile to the party? Are there any niche favorite lesser deities of yours that might be fun to pull out?
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2022.01.20 14:45 Wide-Marionberry3090 חחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחח
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2022.01.20 14:45 youworry ARC188 or MUS 185?

I need a creative arts class. Between the two which one is the easiest? I can’t draw for shit if ARC requires drawing.
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2022.01.20 14:45 Benny2098 Can dialysis techs make over $20 a hour ?

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2022.01.20 14:45 operator139 im not ok

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2022.01.20 14:45 I_dont_belong_hr Ajuda para falar sobre sexo

Minha esposa é muito tímida e não gosta de falar sobre sexo, mas para mim é uma forma de podermos melhorar como casal na cama. Alguma sugestão do que fazer?
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2022.01.20 14:45 Blazzaboy I love halo infinite.... but

For the love of god. ADD NETWORK SETTINGS. Please.
I am so tired of trying to complete "Get a back smack in Attrition" while being forced into 250 ping lobbies.
How could something as simple as "Allow players to choose their region" be overlooked for so long? MMC has network settings. I am so tired of playing at 150 ping every single comp game. How is that balanced? How is that fair?
Not only do I play significantly worse but my team is basically down a member.
The only fixes available are for PC, which requires 3rd party programs or a modification of game files.
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2022.01.20 14:45 thawingSumTendies Sign up for and receive $30 (via PayPal or Cheque) when you make a purchase of $30 or more at any store online 🇨🇦

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2022.01.20 14:45 ElmStreet1985 The Matrix Resurrections is a Childish Tantrum of a Movie

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