If you were to change your DNA, how so?

2022.01.20 14:55 luke726726 If you were to change your DNA, how so?

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2022.01.20 14:55 warreng3 How powerful were the smaller families?

I have been on a Mob reading phase for some time now, and one of the things that caught my interest was the smaller families, Denver family, Rochester Family, Dallas family, Galveston, Austin, Rockford and etc.
How much influence did they have?
And if you had to do a top 5 of the most influential and powerful how would it look like?
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2022.01.20 14:55 SilkyEnchilada Cultural appropriation?!? 🤔...

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2022.01.20 14:55 BarelyAlive06 Is it weird that I have trouble "hating" my mom?

I mean my mother has definitely been abusive (both physical and emotional) to me and as a teenager I regularly thought "I hate her!" but I would also get extremely protective and defensive about her. I do understand that she never truly wanted this life she has with me, since she also kinda got "stuck" with me (I wasn't a planned child and i have no father). As far as I know, she planned to abort me but then got persuaded by her own mother to keep me for now. Later it was planned to give me up for adoption but apparently she had to stay longer at the hospital than she thought and kinda bonded to me? Quite frankly my whole family story is just fucked up and I do understand that both my grandma, who was abused by her husband and then was abusive towards my mother, and my mom are just victims too.
What I'm trying to say is that my mom had a really rough life. She lost her own mom as a young woman, resents her younger sibling (she practically had to raise my uncle on her own) and hates her father for what he did to her mother and neglecting her. Well and then there's me: the kid she never wanted in the first place and now is forced to raise.
That doesn't mean that I'm now bffs with my mom and just forgot everything she ever done to me. In fact we have very little contact and I just give her a call once a week, where she just rants about her life and problems while i just listen quietly until she hangs up after 8 minutes or so. I do sometimes get the hint that she wants to do more stuff together or have a better relationship with me now that I'm an adult. I think it's mostly because she realised just how little we interact, even before when i was a child. Gosh, we never even ate together, let alone do anything together at all!
And it's hard for me to let her have this relationship with me because I don't think she deserves my time and I'm still overall angry that now, after ignoring me for 19 years, she can just come around and build something with me. And at the same time I feel guilty and bad when I see how hurt she is by my rejection. Because while she did all this terrible stuff to me as a child, she's still my mom. She also did nice things to me, even if the nice stuff could never compensate all the bad stuff she did.
Im sorry for this messy and long post, I just hope someone has a similar experience and maybe knows what to do with these feelings?
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2022.01.20 14:55 cldubs85 Looking for recommendations from you experts on good value engagement rings.

I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with in-store options trying to push other things on me; but I have a decent idea what I’m looking for. I know my partner wants a three stone circle cut ring with a white gold band with just a bit of intricacy to it.
Browsing this sub, I’m seeing a lot of just gemstone purchases or custom cad drawings. But is there one are a few sites that get a lot of traffic from you all? I’d like to find something reliable online that will still last; but don’t want to use a retailer for several reasons, mostly ethical.
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2022.01.20 14:55 Asleep_Claim3478 תראה חח4

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2022.01.20 14:55 Original-Droidster Join LEGION NETWORK and get $5 worth of LGX tokens (No deposit, no KYC required)

Referral Link: https://register.legionnetwork.io/V7uDxAp
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Legion network/wallet is a "all in one" defi platform", NFT marketplace, "play to earn" gaming, and much more. You will be able to withdraw your tokens in March 1st, , but in the time bein, you can start referring your own after signing up with my referral. Great chance to get in early on a project.
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2022.01.20 14:55 AntiqueReality7027 The most profitable Crypto Mining Equipment on the market! Huge discounts!

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2022.01.20 14:55 Captain_Azius I forced a beenest to spawn but I haven't seen any bees yet. Does it take time for them to spawn?

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2022.01.20 14:55 Doctor-Jackall I don't understand how trigonometry influences the direction in which the ship moves in a game example

I'm about to finish "Python programming for the Absolute Beginner" by Michael Dawson and in the last chapter it shows how to make a simple game. The majority of concepts clicked really easy, but I'm struggling very hard to wrap my head around the use of sin and cos functions in this case.
I spent the last 2 days learning trigonometry from different sources and I kinda understood how I can calculate unknown positions, angles and how the unit circle works, but that's it. The rest overwhelms my mind because I tend to mix up the concepts of proportion, dimensions, 30-60-90 triangles etc. resulting in a very big frustration....
In the author's example, he uses the sin and cos functions to determine the velocity of the ship, based on its angle. But I don't get how that works, I assume that the velocity vector on x and y axis is multiplied with the sin and cos of that certain angle. How does multiplying the vector with the result of sin and cos change the direction and speed ? Can someone explain it to me in very simple terms?
At this point i'm a little disappointed, because from what I have seen, game dev is strongly based on trigonometry and vectors, and I'm unable to grasp these concepts, so no game making for me....
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2022.01.20 14:55 Throwaway-donotjudge I hear about these little boxes that hooked up to your tv gives you access to free movies and tv shows. Can someone give me some guidance on how this works and where I can get one?

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2022.01.20 14:55 hela12 Sensitivity and pain after temp crown on tooth with no root canal. Normal or No?

Hi all! I just had a first appointment to prep two teeth for a crown and got temporary crowns for now. One tooth had a root canal, the other next to it had a large cavity which was removed but no root canal. Temp was placed and doc told me to let her know if there was any major sensitivity especially to hot foods for that tooth that had no root canal before putting on permanent crown. Idk what’s normal levels of sensitivity? There’s a slight dull ache I felt last night. When i drink cold water I can definitely feel pain and sensitivity in that area and it lasts for some time after too before fading to either nothing or a very sligh dull ache. The pain is similar to what my root canal tooth felt when it touched cold prior to the root canal but not as severe or long lasting. But that entire area is still rough and healing so I’m not sure if this sort of pain after a temp is normal. Thanks in advance !
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2022.01.20 14:55 RacChainz Raccoons in Chains - 10k collection - Polygon - MATIC - opensea

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2022.01.20 14:55 The_Bovine_Manifesto Who do you think would be a larger asset to the Browns?

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2022.01.20 14:55 JordanNotLikeMike My old 2009 RX 8, Regret trading it in but was approaching 100k miles and I got worried about the potential issues. Was a great car and I enjoy seeing you all enjoy your 8s as well! Cheers!

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2022.01.20 14:55 ArozLuso Is there a website like the SCP Archives but for the backrooms with its lote and flo

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2022.01.20 14:55 Immortal_Slayer1 Horror battle week Final poll #2. Pick your favorite movie!

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2022.01.20 14:55 Anurag200 "Matchmaking of the Amagami Household" Cover Preview of weekly shonen magazine issue #9 featuring Moe Iori (Yuna), Enako (Asahi) & Kokoro Shinozaki (Yae).

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2022.01.20 14:55 charcoalnightmares Just started a collection. I would love recommendations for new things to try

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2022.01.20 14:55 PotentialFortune Unbanked AMA featuring Corey Ballou (CTO), Natalia Radyushkin (CFO), and Keith Johnson (GM)

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2022.01.20 14:55 BrOkEn_AnViL39 Chicken shouldn't be pink (school lunch for context)

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2022.01.20 14:55 Stalkertron We made a huge axe from Monster Hunter. Silly but a fun exercise in sculpture work I suppose.

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2022.01.20 14:55 stubbornsucculent Considering switching from Kyleena

Ok so obviously this is just something I’ll have to talk to my doctor about but I’m curious about you guys’ experiences! I had my Kyleena inserted in 2017 so I’m coming up on my 5 years at the end of this year. For some background, my doctor highly recommended it because I had been on 2 different low dose combo pills (prescribed by another doctor) that made my estrogen level wwaayy too low, my sex drive was 0 and my vaginal tissue was literally atrophic so sex was painful. This improved a ton after stopping the pill and getting the IUD, which is great.
HOWEVER. tbh idk if the IUD is for me. I think for a long time I told people I loved it because now I had some semblance of a sex drive and I basically had no other good option according to my doctor (she’s highly against trying any method with estrogen because of what happened to my sex drive or anything that might act systemically that might have a higher risk for side effects, especially mental since I have anxiety/depression/probably PMDD). But I’ve recently realized how often I’m in pain! Yeah, the daily cramping after insertion went away after the first 3-4 months but the severity never decreased. Sometimes it’s bad enough all I can do is just curl in a ball for 30 seconds and breath through it lol. I start cramping a week before my period, during, and a little after. Plus I get a lot more pain mid cycle now too due to cysts, since IUDs don’t control ovulation like the pill (we have ruled out PCOS with an ultrasound and labs). It feels like I have one good week out of the month! Granted my periods are regular and super light (though it took about a year to get to that point), but I also still have pretty much every PMS symptom in the book the week before too (mood swings, bloated, cravings, sore boobs).
Part of me really wants to try a different method like maybe the ring or a higher dose combo pill, but I’m ssoo afraid of going back to square one with my sex drive since that is something that seriously impacted my self esteem and relationship for years. I recently moved to a different state so I might try going to Planned Parenthood for their opinion. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I hate feeling like it’s physical pain or psychological/sexual problems, take your pick 🙃 can’t wait till I have my kids and can be done with this nonsense surgically.
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2022.01.20 14:55 Harryboiz I made this dragon as a new pet with pipe cleaners.

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2022.01.20 14:55 The_WereArcticFox Sonic meets Minecraft

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