2022.01.20 14:33 very-creative 人民银行下调贷款市场报价利率,自2020年4月以来的首次下调

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2022.01.20 14:33 Bruhmomentum43 This is a lot of fucking food

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2022.01.20 14:33 The--Weasel Paper plane producing machine

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2022.01.20 14:33 Mourninglories Baby name opinion for Tagalog speakers

(Crossposted in another sub, just seeing if I’ll get more informative replies in a language sub)
I’m pregnant and considering names for my baby boy. My husband is Filipino and him and his family primarily converse in Tagalog. We’re both Muslim and I was considering the name “Eesa”, it’s Arabic for “Jesus”.
He said that it sounds like the number 1 in Tagalog and it would sound weird as a name.
Just wanted to check the Filipino community’s opinion. I heard from someone that the intonation of “isa”/number 1 and “Eesa” are different so it could pass (emphasis is on the “Ee” sound in Arabic), but I don’t want my baby boy to have an odd name in Tagalog since I want him to learn to speak it to connect with his father’s family and culture.
Would appreciate your opinions!
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2022.01.20 14:33 rappolini Does this count as full moon ? 🌕

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2022.01.20 14:33 thegngirl Of all the ones I’ve done, these two are still my favorite.

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2022.01.20 14:33 Molda_Fr Sound delay Staxrip

Hello, would someone know why i have sound delay with Staxrip ?

Discovered that program and it looks very interesting, but after the rendering done, well sound delay for idk what raisons exactly..

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2022.01.20 14:33 AGuyfrometernalsky “Native islands” in a foreign land: what is remarkable about Abkhaz and Abaza villages in Turkey

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2022.01.20 14:33 schokoman0789 Upvote das es hamed sieht

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2022.01.20 14:33 TheRealSpacemanZ Romulans vs Ferengi, Who would win?

Had some trouble with the last link to my analysis but I'm still very curious as to who would win...
I'm solidly on team Ferengi but most people seemed to think the Romulans would have it in the bag.
Now I have a long list of reasons I detail, but the gist is the Romulans aren't prepared for a serious solo war. Too much internal political turmoil and risk of an opportunist Klingon invasion. The journey is also to long and the build up required to massive to hide. Additionally the galaxy's largest traders would most likely impose sanctions on the Romulans to stop the empire from being able to conduct a war.
What's your thought on this hypothetical war between these two titans?
(video for expanded argument in favor of a Ferengi victory)
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2022.01.20 14:33 IPA_Fanatic Pet rate drops in Leagues?

How are the droprates different?
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2022.01.20 14:33 Different_Ad_7751 THE PROBLEM WITH OHM FORKS(Wonderland TIME), not even a real Ponzi!?. (are they all an illusion)

This post wasn’t created to make FUD but to enlighten people on how the OHM fork truly works.
If you believe any of my claims to be untrue please back it up with a detailed explanation.
Firstly I want to say I was and still am a big believer in ohm forks but due to the recent events it made me truly question the ponzi nomics, and despite the stigma I believe some type of ponzi nomics will be implemented in most future coins because they are a great way to incentives long term holding and discourage short term flips.
For ponzi nomics to work you have to realise that for someone to gain value someone or something somewhere must lose value because crypto is a “zero sum game”.
So whenever you see a crazy apy you have to think where is this profit coming from?
Exaple 1) tax system
safemoon as an example, whenever you buy safemoon you pay a 10% tax, some of this is redistributed to existing holders , so you as a new buyer are losing money and the holders they are gaining money. Zero sum game.
Eample 2 fees
If you are being paid in the same token that you stake once again ask the question ‘who is losing money?’ Typically the reason why you are still gaining profit in a scenario where you get APY is..
2a) you a getting profits from transitions (swap fees). Zero sum gain
2b)Printing without tokens being burned. This is where you are generating profit from other holders. If person A receives 100%apy from holding token x and other holders don’t receive APY. where the circulation supply is increasing to achieve the APY and no burning is taking place, no fees or tax or external money coming into the market cap. Person A is generating money from the rest of the holders. Zero sum game.
Ohm fork scenario
where money is generated in the treasury. Once again you ask the same question. Who is losing for the treasury to win?...
1) From people bonding?...well no. People who bond swap their tokens for another token at a discount. So people bonding would actually generate a profit (in most cases), and treasury is gaining value, so who loses? The holders.
Price =market cap/circulating supply
All that’s happened is an increase in circulating supply so your decreasing the price.
So actually the longer hold the longer you lose.
But you might be thinking some long term holders gained money. well yh...they got in at a low enough market cap and enough people bought in, which offset bonding losses, but in a normal system they would’ve gained more money.
I’m guessing some people want to say...but you’re getting payed in APY. ARE YOU THOUGH? Because you’re not getting paid in fees and you’re not getting paid from the treasury. So who is losing for you to gain? In a world where everyone is getting the same paid the same APY no one gets paid. Your actually losing the most as a long term holder by getting fucked from bonds.
I used to think
You might also mention the absolute backing of 1DAI or MIM, i used to think that the APY was a promise to pay an amount of the treasury at a future date. But when i truly break it down any profit that was made is from price-action, (normal buyers and sellers not the APY). This system doesn’t necessarily benefit long term holders, it does to some degree but I’ll have to make another thread about it.
The Wonderland $TIME system now. Well now you’re not getting fucked from bonds because bonding is turned off but you’re not really making money the APY either. Essentially the token now is like any other token. (for the most part )
Why I’m still invested in Wonderland...
1) they got one billion in the Treasury
2)Sifu shows handles the treasury better than any other OHM fork
3)i get exposure to good projects at the absolute ground lvl
4)the project is still risky but it has a great team behind it
5)my Dad didn’t raise a paper handed Bitch. Frog nation for life!
Retweet if you want a follow up to how OHM forks can mend or alter the system to truly benefit long term holders.
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2022.01.20 14:33 SneezyLlamaHugs Nanny consistently late

DB here. We have a nanny helping us out for 5 hours a week short term while our usual nanny is out. Lately she has been consistently late. It started out as 5 minutes but now is 10-15. She never gives a heads-up or even acknowledges that she's late. Otherwise she's great with our kiddo. We've always been very careful to relieve her on time or a few minutes early. Is it fair to ask her to stay 5-10 minutes later when she arrives late? We'd like to maintain a good relationship in case we're in need of back up care in the future.
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2022.01.20 14:33 Starfydusty This is Jerry, a Clown Knifefish (Chitala ornata) recently donated to our store.

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2022.01.20 14:33 ccohenvc MOtHeR iS a WOrD bY itSeLF

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2022.01.20 14:33 kerxv Do they not understand?

Idk if anyone else feels the same but I'll die before I work for a bullshit wage. If I don't feel I'm being compensated appropriately for my time and being respected then fuck off. I'll quit and if I don't find another job so be it. One less experienced worker for this fucked up world.
Also hopefully people stop having babies too. 🤞Don't continue to keep giving these sickos labor. Pay us or go out of business because no one will work for you.
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2022.01.20 14:33 OsamaBinRobbin Buying new - stuck between Corolla hatch and mazda3 hatch

Pretty much as posted. There’s no Corolla hatch in a manual currently available near me, but the dealer I spoke to said i would probably have it delivered to me by mid march. There are Mazdas however. I did drive both and I really enjoyed both. There’s no huge rush on buying, but my car is slowly dying and I don’t want to sink anymore money into a 2003 rusty ford.
There’s a decent price difference (around 4K), but I do really like both cars. I’d get the 2.5 preferred 3 or XSE Toyota. Any thoughts?
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2022.01.20 14:33 aamm0421 Found on FB. Yes, Dolly Parton and the Tennessee governor can save the show 🤦‍♀️

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2022.01.20 14:33 Raniart Upcycling or other use for calendars

Hi, so Iam àn artist. I made calendars for 2022. I sell Online but couldnt sell calendar in the seasonal time(december) due to covid restriction, iam open to ship but Its late now so Iam left with many copies. They are A4 with illustrations on one side and month calendar on other side. I would really appreciate any Upcycling ideas. Thought about framing thé artwork so any light weight framing ideas welcome too. Thank you
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2022.01.20 14:33 Vampiro4818 "Nah don't wanna pay... where's my car?"

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2022.01.20 14:33 Aromatic-Bowl-3395 I got so many heart buddies that now I never have enough candles 😂 but I’m more than great full, I’ll just take longer to give you a heart. But don’t worry, I won’t collect any heart I can’t pay back. Thanks for adding me this community is awesome!!!!

I got so many heart buddies that now I never have enough candles 😂 but I’m more than great full, I’ll just take longer to give you a heart. But don’t worry, I won’t collect any heart I can’t pay back. Thanks for adding me this community is awesome!!!! submitted by Aromatic-Bowl-3395 to SkyChildrenOfLight [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 14:33 Xelacon Would have been kinda cool (imo) if NMH3 had a artstyle more similar to 1 & 2 instead of having the game chug in some areas

Like a deliberately less graphically "advanced" artstyle and instead have something like that of NMH 1&2 but kinda evolved, idk, hard to explain what i mean
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2022.01.20 14:33 Redtex I was online shopping for sunglasses and I'm noticing a distinct lack of choices here.

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2022.01.20 14:33 Advanced_Candle8196 Tu strategii kterou sme používaly si připomínáme každý den na d1

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2022.01.20 14:33 22Burner This whole sub is 99% FNAF.

There’s other games out there guys. Games new and old that are waiting for a dedicated community to investigate and think about how and why the storylines progress in certain ways. What’s missing and what gaps we need to fill in to understand the bigger picture. And every 9/10 posts is just someone else talking about Freddy Fazbear and How deep the lore of Scott is written. It’s not fun scrolling through this sub when so much if it is the same game with slightly different ideas.
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