[LORE] Election Results Come In

2021.12.05 20:42 chickenwinggeek [LORE] Election Results Come In

It was a straight shoot for the finish line. Everyone expected pretty much the same outcome: the Democratic Liberal Party would lose its simple majority in Parliament, necessitating the formation of a coalition. Most expected a unity government with the more centrist parts of the Labour Free Party to eke out a vote of confidence, with a confidence-and-supply agreement with the national party coming next. While the majority of the DLP was somewhat of an anomaly in a proportional representative system and a society as kaleidoscopic as Jerusalem's, most pundits took the unprecedented economic and educational growth in consideration. The consensus was the DLP only needing a couple of seats to form a government, in which it would have to perhaps sacrifice a policy position or two, but would be mainly set.
What most pundits did not take into consideration was the arrival of Princess Victoria. While leaning left-wards on the political spectrum, she appreciated PM Kinner's offer of security and was intensely wary of the LFP's dovish stances, especially with regards to her immediate family members. She endorsed the DLP months before the election, providing a much needed stimulus.
The most striking image to arrive was convoys of voters crowding the hourly ferries connecting Catwood with the mainland. With the government scheduling the turnover for the New Year, they were still under Jerusalemite protection. While they were not automatically given a vote due to being Welsh citizens primarily, there was a loop-hole of sorts where anyone living in Jerusalem-protected Wales could attain citizenship and vote in a greatly expedited process, emanating from a desire to not withhold representation from those being protected. Hundreds if not thousands took the day-trip to the mainland to submit their ballots for the DLP, remembering their status as refugees fleeing from the March Kingdom and protected by Kinner and also the urges of Princess Victoria, whom they were more loyal to than her family at the least.
More significantly, this story touched a nerve in many of Jerusalem's recent expansions. The citizens of Swindon and Bath, until recently being citizens of independent city states, distinctly remembered tales of fortnightly raids and murders outside their city gates only stopped by the expansionist agenda of the DLP. While some would inevitably move to the right-ward National Party, most preferred the defensive emphasis of the DLP militarily, which preserved enough of the budget to invest in economic prosperity (they were also less keen on the NP's nativist rhetoric understandably).
This culminated in the DLP retaining its slim majority, with a historical circumstance being replaced by firm political support from those that did vote for them. Some parts of the agenda are more popular universally, particularly those based around the protection of democracy, and some parts such as the social market economic ideas being common objects for debate. At least the election itself was in good spirits, and in good fun.
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2021.12.05 20:42 BlingMountain Need help

Hey there,
im from Germany and i buy some Yeezy Gap wear. The proplem is, from 22.11.21, too know, is on hold. First of all, stockx send me a UPS number. Than a DHL number. In the App is certain, the packet is on the way! But, the packet is not on the way. I calling the DHL express, tell me, they have no become the packet. I send 8 Emails to Stockx in the last days. Stockx ignore everything.
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2021.12.05 20:42 FrontpageWatch2020 [#581|+1905|93] "In the nation" [r/confidentlyincorrect]

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2021.12.05 20:42 dirrtyremixes Riaz Dhanani - Rewind (Max Chapman Remix) [LR018]

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2021.12.05 20:42 12nb34 Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said there were 6 new cases detected in quarantine that were not considered to be a risk to the community. Ms Palaszczuk also welcomed the provisional approval of Pfizer vaccination for children aged 5 to 11. (Current state snapshot)

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2021.12.05 20:42 handthetoesover three free tarot readings

i’m feeling in a tarot-reading mood again !! please dm me if you’d like a free reading, i’ll select three questions i gravitate towards.
the only thing i’d like you to do in exchange is to leave an honest review in my reviews page.
please send me a message clearly stating: - your preferred name - your question - an initial if you are asking about someone else
I will not give readings about: - anything health related - career related questions - there’s no inherent problem, I’m just bad at interpreting these - obsessive / intrusive questions (e.g “are they thinking about me right now?” or “how can I make them like me?”) - anything sexual - any question I simply don’t want to answer, please respect that !!
I generally gravitate towards self-improvement and decision-making questions as I consider them my forte, but I like relationship ones too, so if that is what you’d like to know about of course ask !!
take care, thank you 💓
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2021.12.05 20:42 FrontpageWatch2020 [#750|+438|56] To the boosted player in my Immo3 lobby [r/VALORANT]

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2021.12.05 20:42 YYZWYS I'm sure going to miss the conveyor helicopter perk.....

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2021.12.05 20:42 Inevitable_Drink8489 More footage of clash between CJNG and Mexican forces in Teocaltiche JAL. According to sources 15 trucks were retrieved including one “Monstruo” truck number of casualties still unknown.

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2021.12.05 20:42 FrontpageWatch2020 [#254|+3616|123] Blursed astronaut [r/blursedimages]

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2021.12.05 20:42 mediocrepaintings Confusion, questions, and asking the community for support!

Hi everyone,
It's been great looking at this sub and seeing how people are supporting each other, especially when it seems like this isn't a thoroughly understood condition (or perhaps a condition that hasn't openly been talked about).
I recently had an ultrasound which revealed and I have a slightly enlarged prostate. I'm not surprised, as I have been experiencing:

Ultrasound didn't reveal anything more than a slightly enlarged prostate. My job is quite sedentary, and COVID hasn't helped too much with going to the gym, although I've been better lately. I'm just wondering if this would count as prostatitis, or if someone could help me figure out what this might be/what could help?
I'm open to answering any questions folks have to get some more clarification. Of course, I realize no one here can give me medical advice, but I'm looking for your anecdotal support, resources, and anything else that can help me understand my situation better!
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2021.12.05 20:42 htownclyde Making a CS Playlist

Thought it would be fun to make a CS-themed Spotify playlist to listen to while DMing or doing whatever. Got the 3 songs from the phoon fragmovie + some songs w/ topical names. Goal is to get a song for each map/weapon but it's hard to find good ones...
If y'all think of some good additions/changes drop em below, so I can add them to the list!
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2021.12.05 20:42 lieslandpo Is Veigar overpowered?

I only ask because I have had some games where both teams ban Veigar, but I didn’t think he was that much of a menace to warrant that. Also, not many people pick Veigar, so why is he getting banned that much? I could be completely out of the loop, and maybe he received some buff that I don’t know about.
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2021.12.05 20:42 AhskayWhiteriver Decided to draw some RivalsDuo stickers to decorate my laptop and drawing tablet. Just waiting on the ink to arrive to start printing!

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2021.12.05 20:42 NYC_Codeine Need some help fellas. This real or fofo ?

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2021.12.05 20:42 Dapper_Ad_4560 Anyone else struggling with the worry of getting worse

I got the monoclonal Antibodies treatment and I still have a few symptoms. Cough mostly after I wake up. Dry sinuses and a little phlegm. I've had no fever since day 1. I'm on day 9 and my anxiety is just relentless about me getting worse. I have a little trouble breathing when I wake up but not real bad and my lungs don't hurt. I'm just scared. Anyone got any good stories or advice anything to calm my anxiety
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2021.12.05 20:42 OverdoZxo Creative Indie Vibes (Indie,Electronic,Chill,Pop)

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2021.12.05 20:42 Expert-Trade-1586 cheater: lulaclock

This is his tab(not updated on tabstats yet due to name change) https://tabstats.com/siege/playe3nj0y-th3-t4b/1a9ba210-2efe-43a2-a1b7-fecb2055d151/opponents
this is his r6 tracker to show its the same account: https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/lulaclock
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2021.12.05 20:42 meneame_el_reddit Exponen una colección de rarezas del automovilismo que pertenecieron a la familia imperial de Irán

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2021.12.05 20:42 scarykayak Something is living on Bribie island Australia and i ticked it off so it killed my dog now i want revenge can you cobber's help me?

sorry if my writing isn't to good fellas, i quit school in grade nine to work at a servo and then became a bricky so other then texting i havent actually written anything big in something like 15 years so please be gentle with ya thrashings. let me start off by saying i know this subreddit is more for spooky stories but i looked around and don't really know where else to post this but think i might need help. four months ago i kayaked to a small campsite just off Bribie island with the plan to do some fishing and spend the night before kayaking back to the mainland the next day. the trip went well and i picked up a few flathead one of which become my dinner, the day was fine but exhausting so i didn't clean up my site before going to bed. i figured one of the monitor lizards or birds would eat the leftover fish frame and i could tidy up before leaving. its gross i know but i was utterly exhausted from the day so sue me, At some point in the night i woke up the distinct snort/grunt/wheeze and musk of a male pig rooting around the site which was a shock but realistically i should have known there would be pigs on the island i mean there are brumbies so there are gonna be pigs. not wanting to have him ruin my cooking gear or my kayak i stuck my head out from my tent and loudly called out "get the frick outta here mate you smell like crap" (i don't know if you can swear here) wholly expecting to hear Mr pig booking it back into the scrub, instead i saw it, it was a man hunched over my fire pit digging around with his hands in the coals, with the light of the moon and the glow of the embers i could see he was wearing some kind of full body suit made of pigskin with hair and all but it was like it was made of two parts and the bloke in it had laid down on one half and had the other half draped over him and then they were sown up if that makes sense? you could see down one side where the two sides where stitched up but anyway i saw this guy just rooting around in my fire and my gear so i jumped out of me tent and said some choice words at him. I'm not a small guy and if its not bricks its concrete or timber ive been hauling for most of my life so I'm not too scared of a good biff and yeah he was dressed weird but i had a missus who used to love photographing the weirdos who hang out in west end and the valley on a Wednesday or Sunday night/morning so I've seen my fair share of weird clothing. so i get closer to this thing and I'm still shouting enough words to blister mums house paint and when i put the torch on it it finally decides to take some action, this thing doesn't stand up so much as it unfolds itself from the ground and i a 6'4 guy am staring up at this thing but the worst of it was when i saw its head, it wasn't a human head it was a frick off big pig head not a mask or nothing but an actual pig head attached at the shoulders and its eyes were thrashing about all over the place like they do when the dogs are on one like it was terrified but i swear i could feel it looking at me with something other then its eyes. big strong man i am i ran like a kid straight back into my tent and sat as far away as i could from him while feeling around for my hatchet i knew was in with me. i found my axe and was expecting him to bust in at any second and start messing me up but he didn't charge me he just walked up to the flap of the tent and stood there for a bit, after a thousand years he just kinda lifted the flap and stuck his pig head in to look at me and that's when i clobbered him with the axe. he ripped his head out the tent and went ballistic smashing up the place but not screaming or making any noise other then a pigs grunting he picked up my tent and threw it and me before crashing away into the bush and no lie i just lay in that tent for the rest of the night until the sun was way up before snatching up my gear except my tent and shooting home. now i looked on the internet a bit and couldn't find anything and neither could my ex wife when i asked her if she could look for me but other then her i haven't told anyone about it because i don't want to get chucked in the looney bin. now fast forwards to two weekends ago and i was back in the area but this time launching at the roys creek road boat ramp and paddling down past long island to this big curve area that a friend said he was catching school mackerel in the weekend before. i was most of the way there when i saw i kid you not MY tent sitting on this tidal flat a bit worse for wear and a fair bit muddy but it was my tent. i think thats nuts so i paddle over to it to make sure it is mine when out of the scrub in broad daylight steps pig man, big pink scar on his face and my axe in his hand and beside him is this huge horse headed creature just like him but with a horses head and skin. in the light i can see they are filthy and instead of feet or hooves like i thought they would have they have these slipper things that look like they are made out of hair and feathers and their hands are there but its almost like my eyeballs wouldn't bring them into focus but i could see what they were holding fine, whats really stuck in my head is the fact that where the seams were for the outfits and where the pig and horse heads were sitting you could see this leathery looking cord was threading through and holding the heads to the skins and the seam and connections were both all bloody, when they turned their heads to follow me you could see blood welling from the necks of em but they didnt seem to care. now pig man is pointing me out to horse man and horse man brings up this polished bone he has in his hand with hair hanging off one end of it and points it at me before shouting/singing this little song at me that i couldnt understand. i was sitting there like an idiot just looking at them both in shock when i could suddenly hear the sound of summer cicadas all around me and the screech get so loud that i just blank out and when i come back to the world im sitting in traffic with my kayak loaded on the roof and im heading home with just this background hum of summer cicadas stuck in my head. nothing else has really happened for the last week except at night sometimes the cicadas get so loud they are all i can hear but yesterday morning when i woke up i found my staffy tank dead on the back patio with what looks like a hatchet wound in his head and all his claws ripped off of the screen door almost like he went crazy trying to get inside to me the poor thing, ive taken the week off work and typed all this out today in the hopes that one of you blokes who are smarter then me might know what's going on and how i can find these animal headed SOB'S so i can rip those suits off them and stuff them down their bloody throats for my tank, its not right what they did to him and other then kaitliyn my daughter and christina my ex wife he was my only friend. if i can get these cicadas to stop that would be great as well. anyway ive got the week off and ive got some signal on the island so im thinking if you guys dont know much maybe i just go there for the week and find them myself
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2021.12.05 20:42 CheemsTheDoggoo (Spoilers) ShinLena relation

How did Shin feel about Lena in the 86th sector? Was he in love or did he have feelings for her? If so, why?
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2021.12.05 20:42 StaleFriedChicken XQCow is that you, found you at our car meet

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