What people don't realize about springald change

2021.12.05 20:34 Bax321123 What people don't realize about springald change

Siege will still be king. In fact, if you think it's annoying now, just wait.
Basically, let's say you and your opponent made 4 springald and some other anti personal siege.
If your springald are sniped, you lost. And you won't be able to comeback becouse he's going to shred all your siege now. Springalds didn't need to be stronger in any way. But they actually got a buff with this upcoming patch, in the worst way imaginable.
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2021.12.05 20:34 malachi289 Selling a ticket to the LA show tonight!

title. Dm if interested :)
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2021.12.05 20:34 robot--boy I finished my castle! I added a few houses but I got carried away. Time to make the bottom village.

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2021.12.05 20:34 CeaseFireForever I almost fell off my chair 🤯😏 I already have him buuuuuut 😍

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2021.12.05 20:34 TheCaseTheNom Stumbles!

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2021.12.05 20:34 171771 Women deserve their own records

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2021.12.05 20:34 Toekibyy Anyone here from aus and can help me find eco earth? The only thing I can find is the stuff in the image below ⬇️

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2021.12.05 20:34 trevpr1 I decided to run with the idea.

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2021.12.05 20:34 Joey-tv-show-season2 Rocket Lab preparing their Photon satellite for NASA’s upcoming CAPSTONE Moon mission scheduled for this March.

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2021.12.05 20:34 maggi_iopgott Chapter idea: Mainiac of Vengeance!

New Killer: The Scarecrow
Short version of the backstory: A killer who once was a nice and very smart student, who was bullied and not loved by anyone but was good at heart but sometimes a little awkward which lead to everyone mocking him for having no real feelings and by that not acting real. So they believed he gad no heart or brain, like a Scarecrow. He grew up, with his unanswered love in his heart turning into hatred towards arrogant people and women. After his best friend was killed by a gang of thugs he snapped and started his killingspree. He eventually ended up overtaking the mafia at his city and there for declaring war on all thugs, for they reminded him of the people who stole love from him and just were mocking him while not understanding why he is a better person then them because he kills for the enjoyment, not for being cool. After cleansing the city of all lesser criminals he challenged the police to a final fight of mayhem and terror. He was caught and then finally could tell his bully every singel word he had stored up so deep inside of him, because his bully had become the chief of the Pridak-City police. After that he lost his sense for trying to escape because he had lost his final game, so he took the pistol of the chief and just pulled the trigger, while a mysterious black mist started to build up inside his head...
Power: Raging Barrage:
Your hatred flows through you which makes you unpredictable and lets you deal damage and brutal cuts on your enemies, whil instaling great fear in everybody who witnesses your cruelty.
The Scarecrow lunges forward with 200% walking speed for a view seconds while swinging his scythe around in crosses and circeles around him. Survivors hit by the attack, will be injured and suffer from the mangeled status effect. Also survivors who withness you hitting another survivor with this ability will suffer from the intimidated effect.
3 new Perks:

  1. Tactical Foresight:
Whenever 2 or more survivors are working on a generator and leave that generator for what ever reason and being to work on another generator, boon or chest within the next 40/50/60 seconds you will get a notification and the object they interacted with gets highlighted.
  1. Hex: Marking of the Scarecrow:
Whenever a survivor unhookes another survivor they will suffer from the intimidated status effect for 20/30/40 seconds.
  1. Not a silly costume:
While in chase your terrorradius is increased by 2/3/5%. Whenever a survivor suffers from a status effect while in your terrorradius increase the duration of that status by 5/7/10 seconds and also decrease their walkingspeed by 2/3/5%
New map: Pridak City.
Version 1 : The slums:
A big open area at the center with a bar and lots of dark streets with trashcans iron fences and old buildings to jump through also the Scarecrow hideout where the basement spawns. And the black market where weapons are dealt (guarantee chest spawn here)
Version 2: Southwest Military Base:
Lots of trucks to hide, a big court with metal bunkers and a big rocket launch station.
New Survivor: Max Goodwind
He is the main bully of the Scarecrow at school and became a police officer because he thought he could still bully people within his job but when the killingspree of the Scarecrow started he realized that there was nothing fun about it anymore. After a lot of time and fighting and trying to catch the Scarecrow he realized who he was his former schoolmate and that he created him. All the suffering he caused him had lead to this bloodsheed. So he couldn't take it anymore and he killed himself after he witnessed the Scarecrow killing himself infront of him. While he stood his last breath he just witnessed a big pointy claw coming for him across the floor.....
Haven't had any perk ideas for him yet. But maybe you can help!!!
So what do you think
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2021.12.05 20:34 mattjshermandotcom Phantasm (1979)

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2021.12.05 20:34 trueworldnews Praznična euforija čini čuda [/u/zurivoiah1234]

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2021.12.05 20:34 iChunkyDunk714 Hatching adamant heracross to trade. L4 bottle caps and battle tower items

Breeding heracross with adamant nature. Cant promise good IVs. Looking for battle tower items though first priority for bottle caps. Dont need scope lens or the choice items. First come first serve. At work. Will be able to trade at 11pm Central. Will go in comment order or whoever offers bottle caps
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2021.12.05 20:34 Ya_Boiiiiiiiii_Rem Who is y'all's favorite Nuzlocke Youtuber/Streamer and why?

I like Flygon HG because of three reasons: his voice is calming, he is very transparent about his runs and rulesets, and he does creatibe challenges outside of just hardcore or monotype nuzlockes (i.e Only Cute Pokemon).
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2021.12.05 20:34 reeltobrick Would love to have one last row of costumes in Insomniac's Spider-man to coincide with the release of 'No Way Home'. Top 3 suits are must haves.

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2021.12.05 20:34 Minimum_Ad6694 Utah's Hobbitville: A True Story of Allen Park

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2021.12.05 20:34 sweepstakesloser I have bad taste in love

This is something I have realised far long ago but I guess I'm writing this now to really confirm to myself that I do have bad taste in that aspect.
Hay buhay. Bakit ko kasi gustong gusto yung mga tao na di ako kayang tratuhin nang maayos?
Bakit di ko rin kaya gustuhin yung mga tao na tinuturing naman akong prinsesa?
Note to self: Know your worth. Know what you deserve and do not deserve.
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2021.12.05 20:34 DARK_EMPANADAS1 que wea

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2021.12.05 20:34 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Octane] [Titanium White Octane: Ombre] [Black Standard] [Black Tunica] [Classic]

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2021.12.05 20:34 Pokemonzu Why is getting underdog in club league even possible?

You don't even get bonus trophies...
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2021.12.05 20:34 aBlanderSidePart Ummmm, "Hi, I'm JJ, John Jastremski" is a Dolphins fan?!!??!?!!

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2021.12.05 20:34 ghleezy Didn’t expect it to hurt this much

He came into my life right when the universe wanted him to. To be fair I didn’t put much thought into him in the beginning, mostly because he was a lot older than I and not really my usual “type”. We matched online and honestly I was just looking for casual at the time. To be fair I was also drunk at a party swiping through. We spoke briefly and then we kinda just drifted apart in the coming months. Didn’t think too much of him afterwards because I was quite consumed with quick and casual flings wondering why I couldn’t find just one to stick around. After months of chasing a guy who clearly didn’t deserve me and also using another guy as an emotional crutch I finally said that I was done with this and that I wanted something more genuine and fulfilling. And surely enough the universe flung my TF back into my orbit, maybe a couple of days after I had looked up at the sky and finally said that I was “ready to give and receive love”. Just like that he reappeared and everything moved very quickly.
There was a strange ease with him and to be completely honest it was confronting and scary how easy it was to let down my guard with my him and I didn’t really understand why. Both of us kept saying that it felt easy and magnetic and that it would be really easy just to slip into each other’s lives. And so I had to let go and dive deep if I was going to see where this was leading me. Not to mention the universe really was testing us because we were smack bang in the middle of the Sydney lockdown and weren’t necessarily allowed to see each other. We continued to talk to each other most days and a phone call every other night. He assured me that I was the only person he was talking to and that whatever this was between us felt right. It got to the point where this lockdown kept extending for weeks at a time and I couldn’t bear to think of not physically seeing him. So we took the plunge and agreed to have an intimate first date at his home.
Loaded, I know! A 15 year age gap and having probably the most intimate first date I’ve ever had. Not only that but friends projecting their anxieties onto me and in turn I had a panic attack the afternoon before I was meant to meet him for the first time. He called me instantly as if he knew I was upset and 30 seconds into that call I felt relieved because he knew exactly where my mind was at and was able to calm me down. He assured me that the only thing he wanted was for me to feel happy and comfortable in his home and for us to see if the chemistry was still there in person. So the usual first date jitters kick in as i’m in an Uber on the way to his place — the butterflies and excitement but also I was oddly calm. I rounded the corner and there he was and I swear I could have melted there and then. I still remember my heart pounding so hard and to finally be in his arms just felt safe like I was being welcomed home. We popped a bottle of Prosecco and he gave me the tour of the apartment. And finally we kissed and I have never felt more alive. Like every fiber of my being was awake. The best first date and the sexual connection was better than I’d ever imagined. He said it felt like he had transcended.
After that night I knew I was in deep but never really understood why. I simply just trusted that the universe knew what it was doing when they pulled us back together. And for three months it was absolutely amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Until we fell out of alignment. That hit me like a freight train. I gave him space and respected his boundaries but in turn wasn’t honouring my own boundaries. And he turned so far inwards and didn’t believe he deserved me that he wouldn’t/couldn’t fight that ego driven narrative. He couldn’t even face me - after a week of not seeing each other and barely talking I had to see it for myself. I also needed him to see my heart shatter in front of him. And so I showed up with gifts and a letter in hand ready to say goodbye. It destroyed us both and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t shake him. I wanted so badly to forget and to mentally block and delete. That’s what he seemingly did.
It’s been nearly 3 months and it’s been minimal contact between the two of us. He wanted to leave a line of communication open with me but I know now that I have to be the stronger one. I have to let go for the both of us because we’ll just keep hurting each other. I’ve had two psychics confirm that he’s my twin flame and tell me exactly what my soul already knows. I never knew about twin flames before him and I was struggling so hard with our separation I knew there had to be some significance. I’ve spent a lot of time just focusing on me these last couple of months but I finally removed him from socials today (which he would lurk and watch all my IG stories religiously).
I have nothing to be scared of by cutting him off. I know we’ll find our way back to each other but I can’t do the soul work for him. He never wanted to hurt me and I know him well enough to know that his decision to choose himself is a part of our bigger plan. This has not been easy at all but the biggest act of love I could give us both is to let go and fully surrender to the process. I hold space for him and I miss him so dang much. But this is what I need to do.
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2021.12.05 20:34 Culinarykid92 Clip of Big Brain win

I don't know how to clip in Twitch, but wondered if someone had a clip of the match (or at least the ending) of the December 3rd stream where the opponent is ahead and times out giving NL the win? It starts at 1:31:32 if that helps.
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2021.12.05 20:34 plastic-cemeteries that night i smoked a joint with my best friend, we found ourselves in bed, when i woke up, he was gone

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2021.12.05 20:34 zoridahawke Funny :)

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