"Stick Man" [OC] 2021

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2021.12.05 21:05 TheRealWineMom "Stick Man" [OC] 2021

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2021.12.05 21:05 Sandman_iron [NA] [TIER III] mid / jg LF team

Hey there looking for clash team for tonight, i prefer mid but could play jungle if we need to add me in
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2021.12.05 21:05 Dangerous_Storm1445 New York in pastel!

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2021.12.05 21:05 Kfurburger Dr marten size guide.. Thanks to a very helpful redditor I found the pair of work boots I’ve been looking for unfortunately the only pair available anywhere is a size 13 when usually I wear a size 12.Do Dr marten industrials run true or could i by chance make a bigger size work? Thank you for advice

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2021.12.05 21:05 etucuu I'm a sugar momma looking for a sugar baby i am willing to spoil you and give you $1000 as your weekly allowance, PayPal or Cashapp, if you don't mind you can text me on Snapchat @ mommya21474 or kik @ m_alice77 💚❤️

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2021.12.05 21:05 Born_Sugar_6686 Very Frustrated

I was exposed to covid by my sister and her child for Thanksgiving. My sister throughout the day made remarks about how she felt sick and would giggle as she’s an anti-vaxxer and even an anti-tester. My birthday followed Thanksgiving and it ended up the day I tested positive. I am livid since my sister is a good 15 years older than me and feel as if she disrespected me and my parents who try very hard to avoid catching it. My sister has yet owned up to any responsibility and continues her day to day life with her child while also complaining how sick she is. I did the responsible thing and got tested and am quarantining through my birthday and a week and a half of work, while she’s actively being a spreader to everyone in her life. Just a little rant I am having as I am propped up so I do not cough as much.
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2021.12.05 21:05 David_2430 The Matches that everyone wants to see at WrestleMania 38 (pic 1) Vs. the Matches I wanna see at WrestleMania 38 (pic 2)

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2021.12.05 21:05 IAmBenIAmStillBig [Karoll] Dick Allen was approximately one Jim Kaat better than Gil Hodges, every year of their career.

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2021.12.05 21:05 Ketone_body Security guards think they're special

I work at a hospital and this has probably happened 100 times in the years I've work there. Somebody will call security and ask to have a door unlocked - maybe it's an office or a storeroom - maybe it's one of the call rooms for the residents... who knows?
So the security guy comes up to my desk and asks "Uh yeah did you need a door unlocked?"
(These are the type of guys who are too cool to make eye contact - or better yet, wear sunglasses indoors.)
I don't know anything about that, did the caller give you a name? "Negative" (bullshit.) Did they give you a room number? "Negative" (bullshit.)
So basically your dispatch told you to wander around this 1000-bed hospital and just start asking random people if they happened to call.
No name, no room number, nothing?
I will take pity on them and call my charge nurse to see if she knows, or send out a page to staff asking if anyone called security, but I'm not going to call and bother 150 people because your ignorant ass can't be bothered to gather the most basic rudimentary information in order to do your job!
I'm not going to lie; I take malicious pleasure in you getting mad because I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. How about you call dispatch and ask them who who called? So they do that right in front of me on their little radio... and of course the genius that responds claims that no one gave a name or room number - and of course he didn't think to ask... lol.
I'm sorry (not sorry) that your department is inept.
Watching you get so bent out of shape and stare daggers at me like I'm supposed to just magically know the answer to your question is highly amusing. Of course, I can't show that and in a way I do empathize.
It's a huge place and I get it it's a long walk, but with that in mind wouldn't you ask before you started out on your trek over to building Building Z or whatever? And don't act like I'm an idiot or that I'm unhelpful or that I'm somehow responsible.
It's especially amusing when they finally get it through their heads that we don't know what they're talking about, and they walk away and act like we're going to be sorry, or we lost out, or we're S-O-L... no we're not we don't care - we don't need the door opened - and if you do find out who it is you're coming back.
If you weren't such assholes (literally every single time) I would go the extra mile to help you out (and even then I might not be able to get you the answer.)
But no, you have to act like you're too important and special to write something down, you entitled brat!
Maybe one day you will learn. But until then, thanks for the laughs.
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2021.12.05 21:05 WizardyJohnny Social Link In Review #2 - Chie Satonaka

Hellllllo everyone, welcome to the second installment of Social Link in Review, the bimonthly (lol) series in which I analyze your favorite characters' Social Links.
This week we have, predictably, Chie Satonaka, of the Chariot Arcana. Chie's a spunky and cheerful Inaba born girl whose love of meat is matched only by her addiction to action movies. She's not the brightest, but she's a reliable, sweet girl who's never afraid of rising up to a challenge to protect those she cares about. She's best friends with Yukiko, having known her since her childhood, and is notably the first member of the Investigation Team to learn about the Midnight Channel. She's also a shoe-in in my top 5 fav characters :)
But how good is her Social Link actually? Let's find out!!

Rank 1 (happens automatically on 4/18)

The boys sit in the classroom, wondering about how Chie is doing. She soon enters and thanks them, embarassed they saw her shadow. She asks Yosuke's about his, which he deflects onto Yu. She's surprised to learn nothing of the sort happened for him, and comments that may be why people are drawn to him. She reaffirms her desire to save Yukiko, and with Yosuke gone, confesses she thinks of Yu as a very reliable guy.
Automatic rank 1 means nothing of substance here. In another circumstance the comment about Yu drawing people to him and being reliable might be interesting, but they're hard to read into considering he's a silent MC. Chie's very insistent on coming to save Yukiko, which makes sense considering how tight their bond is, but this is hardly anything new. Next.

Rank 2
Chie takes Yu to Samegawa for her training routine. She explains she needs to practice outside, since her parents put a ban on inside practice after she put a hole in the shoji. She explains she's disappointed in herself for having harboured the negative emotions that spawned her shadow: "I feel pathetic knowing that's another "me"". She resolves to work harder.
The comment about putting a hole in the wall is both rather funny and gives a glimpse of how clumsy and flaky Chie actually is beneath her reliable, confident attitude. Her guilt over the birth of her shadow is established, and we understand Chie's general approach to solving her problems is to try to "work harder", whatever that means. Not terrible, but still rather starved for content.

Rank 3
Training at Samegawa, Chie and Yu happen onto Nanako. The latter wonders who Chie needs to train to fight against: "Myself, I guess". Suddenly, a grasshopper attacks!!! Chie screams out in terror but is quickly helped out by Nanako. She calls the foul beast "cute", prompting a comparison to Yukiko from Chie, who explains that while she can't deal with bugs herself, Yukiko doesn't mind them. Embarassed, she lightens up when Yu mentions it's a "very feminine" fear, and she boasts that Shadows are nothing compared to creepy crawlies.
The Nanako one. Not much to be said again. The grasshopper incident and Chie's positive reaction to being called "feminine" make it clear that Chie struggles with her womanhood, particularly when comparing herself to her best friend . Again though, this is nothing new; it's already driven home quite well by Chie's shadow, as well as by the events of the first few days of school, where we see every boy in a 5km radius fawn over Yukiko.

Rank 4
After training, Chie is approached by Takeshi, an old classmate, who brings up multiple "groups" Chie was part of when she was smaller: the Runt Gang, the Allies of Justice... Yu tells him to shut up, and he apologizes, adding he'll "get out of their way". Chie's upset at the implication, but Takeshi cuts her off, asking how Yukiko is doing, and if she has a boyfriend: "...She's fine, and I don't think so", answers a reluctant Chie. Takeshi exclaims he should try for her again, frustrating her. Yu lightens the mood with a joke, and Chie explains he's "just an old friend" who always used to stare at Yukiko, and that there's nothing between them, though she seems saddened.
Takeshi saves the day by bringing some actual substance. First off, we learn that Chie's already been part of a bunch of groups before the Investigation Team. From the names, it's safe to assume they probably were the context for make-believe games she used to play with friends. This is a rather important part of Chie's character; she tries to emulate the heroes she admires from action films in real life. It's no surprise then that out of the main cast, she's the most straightforwardly heroic of the bunch; she's driven by an uncompromising desire to protect others. The appearance of her shadow brings the purity of her motivations into question though, which will be the topic of further ranks.
Also interesting is the mixture of frustration and sadness she expresses when Takeshi brings up Yukiko, and when she explains that they're "just friends". Reading between the lines a bit, it's pretty clear that she probably had feelings for him at some point, feelings that he never reciprocated because he was "always staring at Yukiko". Takeshi bringing up Yukiko again and immediately expressing romantic interest in her forces Chie to confront how undesirable she is to boys and her jealousy of Yukiko's femininity.
Of note, this point is kind of stained by the school festival, which has a line suggesting Chie is actually quite popular with her fellow classmen - sufficiently so to have a "fan club". It's not a huuuge deal since it wouldn't be outlandish for her not to be aware of her popularity, but still, it's another instance of a cringey anime trope scene going against the direction of a character.

Rank 5
Yu and Chie hang out at Aiya's after training, and she's positively elated to be eating meat; "on the happiness scale, it's up there with watching action movies". She explains she needs to work harder to be able to protect Yukiko, and hopes her friend is not straining herself working too hard. Yu assures her he'll protect her, and Chie is relieved: "that's why you're our leader".
I guess this scene is meant to show us that Chie tends to take onto herself the burdens of the whole group and has a tendency to overwork herself. I say "I guess", because while she says she "needs to work hard" so she can "pull us out of a jam", she doesn't actually work particularly hard compared to her friends in the Investigation Team. She's usually on the quieter side when they brainstorm at Junes, and her contribution in battle is the same as everyone else's.
Apart from that, she worries about Yukiko - ok, they're friends, we know that by now - and she compliments Yu for something literally all members of the group do. Overall, a really meatless scene.

Rank 6
Once again, we are eating meat!!! A cop rolls up and asks the duo if they know anything about recent incidents of teenage bullying that have taken place around the shopping district. Chie is fired up: "we'll grab 'em and make them apologize!". She hypes herself up by coming up with an action movie tagline about herself, then goes back to eat more meat.
Setup for the bullying situation in rank 7. Again, rather dry in terms of stuff for me to talk about.
Chie immediately gets angry and emotional at the mention of bullying. This is rather characteristic of her; she's in tune with her feelings and always reacts emotionally to sensitive situations. This one instance is rather uninteresting, but there are many better examples. On the night Yosuke confronts his shadow in the Midnight Channel, the two boys find her crying on the floor in Junes, as she thought they'd died and was overtaken by panic. And in the bad ending where Namatame is left alive, she has this rather chilling response to the idea of throwing him into the TV. All in all, it's rather telling that "don't think, feel" is the action movie line she uses as her catchphrase.
As an aside, my lord this Social Link is so full of meat. I hate the meme that Chie only cares about meat, but I have to recognize there is an obnoxious amount of meat related talk in this link.

Rank 7
Another after-training dinner at Aiya's is interrupted, this time by Takeshi, who is getting bullied by the group the cop mentioned. He hides behind Chie, and asks her to "get them for him", then pulls his best Joseph imitation and (tactically) runs away. Chie is down to throw hands, and the thugs are too! Yu butts in, and the hooligans also retreat in an equally tactical manner, worried Takeshi might call the cops. Chie blows up at Yu: "Why'd you butt in? I could've handled them myself!". She quickly calms down and apologizes for recklessly charging into a fight. She explains that she always feels the need to work harder and take on more onto herself for the sake of others, but worries she might just end up causing more trouble, like she did with the thugs. She again resolves to work harder.
Narratively, this scene is meant to show Chie realizing that her recklessness and her tendency to throw herself into trouble without thought, even if it's for a good cause, can end up making the situation strictly worse than it was initially.
Uh, but in what way was Chie's intervention a bad idea exactly? It was certainly rash, but she didn't put anyone in danger besides herself, and she succeeded in protecting Takeshi from the bullies. Besides, even without her Persona, it's hard to imagine she wouldn't have kicked the punks' asses. It annoys me to see her act so apologetic over her admittedly thoughtless, but courageous and commendable intervention.
The remarks Chie makes about herself are awkward and do not follow from the situation. Where did her worries that "it's all up to her" (whatever "it" is) and that she needs to work harder come into play here? As I mentioned in rank 5, she doesn't really even display a tendency to overburden herself anyway. I would rather say the altercation was a consequence of her rash nature and hero complex. A better Social Link might have addressed how part of Chie's recklessness stems from her broken sense of self-worth, but the dialogue stays so vague in its wording that it's hard to find any real meaning in it.
Also think it's rather strange that this skit completely ignores how Chie ran ahead of Yosuke and Yu back in Yukiko's castle - a situation in which she *did* actually put everyone in danger because of her recklessness.
As an aside, Yu's intervention is hilariously ineffective; whether he'd been there or not, the punks would've run away, and Chie would have been fine.

Rank 8
Samegawa training is interrupted by an apologetic Takeshi, who acts as if he didn't vamoose as soon as things started looking slightly bad. Chie tells him to man up and admit he skedaddled, but this irritates him: "Were you this anal before? Tch, if you lose that sunny attitude, you won't have anything left". With the smoothness of a bulldozer, he changes the subject to Yukiko, who he apparently saw "laughing funkily" and "being weirdly cheerful" with Chie. She informs him that this is just how she is, which Takeshi laments, as he preferred her "gloomy". Angered, Chie shuts him up and yells that he doesn't know anything about her friend. Chie launches into the story of how she and Yukiko met: when they were little, she happened upon a forlorn Yukiko holding a dog by the side of the road - a stray her parents had forbidden her from keeping - and tried her best to get her to laugh. She explains that it was then that she swore to protect Yukiko, and blames herself for having let the feelings embodied by her shadow grow. Though lost as to what "makes her worthwhile", she invites Yu to come see the dog at her house in the future.
Once again we have Takeshi behaving like a complete douchebag, this time not only insulting Chie's femininity - the only attractive thing about her being her "sunny attitude" to him - but even chastising her for "rubbing off" on Yukiko. It's a nice touch that even though Chie is angered by his inaproppriate comments, she still promises to help him if he gets in trouble again; she's a good person through and through, and is ready to help people whether she likes them or not.
The wording of Chie's jab at Takeshi ("Why don't you be a man and admit you ran away?") is very deliberate and builds on the idea that Chie favours traditionally masculine values. This concept is illustrated in her martial prowess and attempts to emulate the frequently male protagonists of action movies. Additionally, in Yukiko's castle, the standard structure of the fairy tale is flipped on its head, with Chie assuming the usually masculine role of Prince Charming.
The story about the dog fits awkwardly into the scene; I'm not sure what about the conversation with Takeshi unearthed the memory. Still, it brings the crux of Chie's internal conflict onto the table: even though she'd sworn she'd always protect Yukiko, she let herself grow jealous of her friend's beauty and social status. The appearance of her shadow shattered her already low self-esteem and causes her to doubt the purity of her desire to protect others - the one thing she thought she had going for herself. I'll note however that we've been aware of this since the rank 2 scene, in which she unambiguously explains this same internal conflict.
At this point, we know what Chie's dilemma is, and it's time for the ranks 9 and 10 to offer some resolution.

Rank 9
Chie and Yu intervene to help a child that is being bullied by the same guys who stole Takeshi's cash. The punk captain tries to blackmail Chie, threatening to take his revenge on Yukiko if she gets in his way again. Chie urges him to take a swing at her if he's so pissed: "The face! The gut! Just pick a target! As hard as you want!". Intimidated, the punks go home. Chie affirms her renewed resolve: no matter what her shadow said, her feelings are not fake, and she truly wishes to protect others.
First, let's address the elephant in the room. This is almost the exact same situation as in the rank 7 skit. Someone is being threatened, Chie intervenes, she chases the bullies away, self-reflection ensues. The major differences this time around are that Chie's loved ones are directly threatened, and that it's her courage that intimidates the punks, as opposed to the fear that someone may call the cops.
The first difference is not really much of a difference at all; although Yukiko is threatened, nothing ever comes out of it. Mayyyybe you could see it as Chie understanding that Yukiko is plenty capable of handling herself and trusting her to do so, but there's no dialogue to suggest that's the case.
The second, though, makes for a rather striking moment in my opinion. Chie's wild bravado and willingness to put herself in danger to protect others finally get to shine through as deeply admirable and rare qualities, and as usual the combination of SMILE and fantastic voicework makes for an overall emotionally charged scene.
But the payoff just leaves so much to be desired. The only conclusion Chie draws from her self-reflection is that her feelings are not fake. She still has no self-esteem and doesn't see the good in herself. She still thinks of herself as a failure as a woman. Her conflict with Yukiko is anything but resolved. The most upsetting line from this scene to me is Chie's reaction to being asked to be Yu's girlfriend: "Are you sure? This is me we're talking about...". These are not words people who have learned to recognize their value say!!
I know I commended Yosuke's SL for not solving all of his problems instantly by the rank 10 and showing he still had some ways to go, but it feels like Chie hasn't even taken the first step on the road to accepting herself and loving herself for who she is.
Another issue I have with this scene is that all of this could have reasonably happened in the rank 7. Of course, Chie's mindset may have changed since then, but then, why are the dialogue options offered to the player so different between the two scenes? In rank 7, Yu is rather critical of Chie's intervention; he can tell her he's "used to it [Chie causing trouble]", or tell her that she should "think next time". Yet in rank 9, even though she reacted in the exact same way to pretty much the same situation, he's suddenly full of praise: "You protected that kid" or "It all turned out OK". It all feels rather contrived and unnatural.
I feel like I should also mention that this is the only rank in the game that has a fully voiced beta version in the game files that ended up being entirely cut. I'm not gonna delve into it, partly because it was cut and partly because it is not particularly interesting, but I feel like this might be why this final version ended up so awkward. Maybe the writing team wasn't sure what to do with this scene and had to settle with something kinda meh?

Rank 10
Either at Samegawa or in Yu's room, Chie explains she "still doesn't have a clue what her good points are", but she intends to keep on looking. She adds that she now understands she's not supposed to use her persona power to become more self-reliant, but to protect those close to her.
Nothing to say here really. I am again saddened by how little self-worth Chie seems to have, even though the SL is now all but over. As is frequently the case, the romance with Yu is very hard to beieve considering he's done pretty much nothing during the whole SL.

Closing thoughts
I don't think anyone will be surprised when I say that I really don't like this SL much, and I think it does astonishingly little with a very compelling character.
Ranks 1, 2 , 3, 5, 6 and 10 are devoid of any substance and do not show us any development in Chie's character or any new facets of her personality. The remaining ranks, while better, are unfocused, scattered, and underwhelming. They completely fail to deal with many aspects of Chie's internal conflict: her jealousy of Yukiko, her feelings of inadequacy as a woman, her low sense of self-esteem. The writing itself feels kind of all over the place; rank 7 and rank 9 are very similar scenes that get treated completely differently for no discernible reason, Chie's tendency to overwork and overburden herself is very much an informed attribute that we never see in practice, and the story of how she met Yukiko comes out of nowhere while simultaneously adding nothing to their dynamic.
Chie is similar to Yosuke in the sense that both of them are completely normal teens dealing with normal teen problems. But while Yosuke's SL feels like every scene is trying to go somewhere and reaches a satisfying conclusion in ranks 9 and 10, Chie's flounders in every direction and ends up leaving unexplored strands everywhere. Even the main thing it tries to address it does so underwhelmingly since Chie still has debilitating self-esteem issues by her rank 10.
As for stuff I would've loved to see, I think having Yukiko and Chie talk through their issues together is nigh mandatory when so much of their SLs are centered around each other. I would also have really liked some more Chie/Yosuke convos. He's partially responsible for her very negative view of herself as a woman and addressing this could've led to some cool scenes where they both move past their issues with what society traditionally expects of them. Plus, they both need someone to actually tell them "wow, you're actually kind of a super cool person" to give them some self-worth. I ship them super hard OK????
I want to stress that I'm not criticizing Chie as a character here. As I said above, I really like Chie and I think the stuff she struggles with is both relatable and interesting. But nonetheless, this SL is kinda crappy, and because of it I will give it the dishonor of C Tier.
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2021.12.05 21:05 goldengalapagos Fye second sem schedule

Intending on going into compE
Classes are ECE 201, phys 272, cs 159, ECE 207, Epcs, cnit 136 (which is self paced online), and diff eq(which is thru cc online)
I’ve heard taking 201/207 this early on will tank my gpa. But what are the alternatives to taking 201/207?
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2021.12.05 21:05 Overall-Emphasis-643 I genuinely wanna know….

Would Meech and JB still have had a gaggle of children if Meech didn’t have a miscarriage after Pest?
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2021.12.05 21:05 Royal_Meeting_6475 Is there a plushie for Zote the Mighty, a Knight of Great Renown?

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2021.12.05 21:05 Conscious-Salt-2083 Ecosystems consist of carnivores, herbivores, and plants. Carnivores help it get moist and rain. Dry areas need apex predators, and all the carnivores for the ecosystem.

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2021.12.05 21:05 RocksCardano Snatch this piece of VIVA EL SALVADOR. A rock that celebrates the first country to embrace bitcoins with plans to mine it using freaking volcanoes. (Links in comments)

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2021.12.05 21:05 imjustfrondly Tips for getting the best rate on extended-stay motels?

Hey all, question is basically the headline. Helping a friend deal with an emergency housing crisis—there are major downsides to them staying in an airbnb, although they’ll probably do that medium-term—for now, we’re looking at a stay of at least a week or two at an extended stay motel (motel6, travelodge, extended stay america, etc).
Do you have tips or experience getting the best rates? Minimum stay times, booking sites, payment type, discount codes or memberships, etc?
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2021.12.05 21:05 LoveAnimeFan Childhood Memories

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2021.12.05 21:05 Tooth-FilledVoid Dumb question but... Does anyone know what the name of his haircut is?

I really like it... But... I don't know the names of any haircuts. I am assuming his type haircut has a name. However, I do not know it, and I would like to change my hair to that. I would really appreciate help with this.
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2021.12.05 21:05 olginnyorganics Does Sending Tokens To Multiple UTxO Addresses In One Transaction Require ADA Multiplier?

Still learning how fees work and am curious if I were to send 100,000 native tokens in a single transaction by directing 10k to 10 different tx-out addresses does the minimum fee increase 10x?
Or is there is a savings in sending bulk transactions like this?
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2021.12.05 21:05 celsitofjr Ju [Canon T100 24mm f/2.8 ISO 100]

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2021.12.05 21:05 segaytrashagenda What is it like to live without any mental illnesses?

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