Time of day???

2021.12.05 19:55 Recent-Camel Time of day???

So I've had a quick scroll through and no posts but I'm sure there have been some. I left the game for a few months and I'm back and like the updates. But day is night and night is day now. Biggest issue is the game is dark so night during the day means I can barely see my screen on a walk and have to find shade for difficult monsters.
Is time set What is it based off Can I do anything to change it? This day/night wasn't an issue when I played months ago, has something changed?
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2021.12.05 19:55 SwordtaX (template) why are the boys the best XDDDDD

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2021.12.05 19:55 MrScarfaceX [Xbox Series S/X] Sim-Style league with opening.

The league has been around for more than a Decade.
We do 72 hours advances.
Open teams:
Dolphins: http://daddyleagues.com/sfl/team/MIA/depthchart
This is a sim-style league, but we let people play. We have rules that we enforce. If you can't take losses, please do not apply. Games must be streamed. If you cannot do that, do not apply.
Discord: https://discord.gg/QkkuKaj
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2021.12.05 19:55 zacharymc1991 It's becoming a yoke now

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2021.12.05 19:55 ShydenPierce Tasmania and NZ are safe.... For now

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2021.12.05 19:55 cardibcl0set actually cardibcloset will not be taking any more questions from u/1c4t at this time. everyone else can ask whatever they please

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2021.12.05 19:55 KingCornOfCob I just go into the server with no queue, AMA

6pm EST, on Primal, Famfrit. Came back from a 2002 straight into the game, gonna go buy a lottery ticket
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2021.12.05 19:55 NegativeGamer Respect SCP-1915, Status Quo (SCP Foundation)

"The morning following its initial containment, SCP-1915 exited its cell (despite it being locked), and entered a nearby maintenance closet. Site security dispatched to the scene discovered the closet was converted to mimic SCP-1915's cubicle at ██████, including working telephone and internet connections. When confronted by Site security, SCP-1915 apologized for 'coming after hours to finish the budget report', claiming that it needed the extra income."
SCP-1915 is a Caucasian man, thirty three (33) years old, of an unexceptional build and height. It's anomalous nature stems from a localized causality abnormality which negates any significant long term changes to its body, personality, memory or lifestyle. SCP-1915 alters reality in its close vicinity as is necessary to maintain its personal status-quo. SCP-1915 does not appear to be aware of its anomalous properties, and the mild-to-moderate discontent it expressed concerning its life during several interviews suggests it possesses limited, if any, control over them.
Source Key

"Status Quo" Reality Manipulation The Absence "We are, I am, by all accounts and possible qualifications, the greatest monster this world has ever saw. Perhaps that any world saw. And yet, brother, I see now that the stars wait for us. For me. Where is the justice in that? Seek it not, for there is none. But the fact remains, brother. The stars do not wait for you. But they wait for me. To take them into my embrace."
"I suspect I shall not be long."
The Absence was created when SCP-1915 witnessed the death of the man who interacted with SCP-1935, a building which held the "entropy" created by SCP-1915's reality bending. Seeing the death of this man, who burned up far above Earth like a star, awakened something in SCP-1915. An Absence. An "imbecile force devoid of all will" which brought about the complete apocalypse of the entire world.
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2021.12.05 19:55 Simon_Lord 2017 wiper blades Canada nightmare

Hello good people of my cx-5 family
Little rant (sorry) then I need help! (Tldr at the end)
My wiper blades were squeaky and didn't work well. In order to keep my family safe this Canadian winter I decided to change my wipers.
Called the dealership on Thursday and they told me to replace the rubber only to save on money. I would just need to show up and they would replace them for me. So I show up this Friday and the guy just sells me the rubber and tells me it's easy to replace
Today is Sunday and I've been trying to take them off just to realise they are glued. Which makes me think the previous owner changed the original ones and I pretty much broke them trying to remove the rubber.
So off to Canadian tire I go. Buy reflex ones and they don't fit so I go back, get a refund, then ask the guy at the counter and he checks his tablet to sell me reflex gold this time. Still doesn't fit with the top push adapter.
So now the store is closed and I have a pair a wipers and rubber to refund and broken wipers on my car.
Pretty pissed of that I wasted almost a day on this.
With my research I now realize that Mazda uses a not so common connector.
Can anyone recommend me a brand that I can buy in a Québec store? Even Amazon doesn't have a lot of choices. I would really appreciate your help on this. Should I just ask the dealer? Thank you
Tldr: wiper blades for cx-5 2017 in Quebec province in having trouble finding some and keep sending them back
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2021.12.05 19:55 Craig-Koons To those doubters!

I hear and read on many platforms people are mocking Saitama and calling it a scam and many other bad things. I just want to tell those people to ask themselves, if it's a scam or something why there is so much development involved, why so much support, what kind of scammers or "scams" spend time and effort to grow, scams are short-lived, and projects like Saitama has a long life. I believe they will regret being a victim of FUD.
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2021.12.05 19:55 Scenes_By_Sevy Matin kaari, Helsinki Finland. Temp. -18°c [OC]

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2021.12.05 19:55 AngryHorizon Sooner or later a whole region is going to stop paying taxes to their government. That's when it's going to get real strange real fast.

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2021.12.05 19:55 Wonderful-Pomelo-918 When does gym shark restock?

I’m interested in getting a pair of joggers for my boyfriend for Christmas but they’re out of stock right now, does anyone know when things get restocked? Is it during drops or is it random?
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2021.12.05 19:55 RememberMercury No more soft spots, no more tingling loins. Who do you hate the most?

RimJob, Meech, the Pestilence and his helpmeet aside, who is the worst and you wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire?
I vote Jeremy.
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2021.12.05 19:55 ShifterRifter [Discussion] what got you into watching Re: zero?

like the title says, what got you into watching Re: zero for the first time. for me personally, I was just trying to find a simple anime I could just binge for a while when I was bored, then I went on youtube and saw a thumbnail of this blue-haired girl, I didn't know the name of the character but I saw her around the internet a lot so I decided that could be an anime I could binge since it seems like it might be good with this blue-haired girl always on my page so I just typed up on youtube something like "anime with blue-haired girl" Idk something like that lmao then I found out about rem then Re: zero, when I went into Re: zero I was basically trying to see why this girl was so popular then blah blah blah a few episodes later I found out why she was so loved, and I fell for the trap too lmao, so basically how I found Re: zero was through Rem. how did you get into Re: zero?
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2021.12.05 19:55 AbberageRebbitor I need to vent about the loss of a pet.

Well fuck! I want a pet. Sadly my flat is too small, my income too low, and my will to care for something too… uh… nonexistent. Luckily the pet shop near me has several wonderful options! “Birds and small rodents galore wait at our door!” So I walked into the shop and bought myself something I never wanted, a rat. I used to make fun of one of my mates for having a rat. To piss him off we would say he smelt like rats when he came to school, but we were cocks. Anyhow I needed something to occupy my dreary life other than wanking to my hot coworker, so I brought the fucker home and tidy’d him up real nice. Soon he had a water bottle, a cage, some food, and a rat lover for an owner. But it wasn’t all celery sticks and sugar cubes, no! We had an issue. I had recently discovered a website called “Reddit”. This site contained the answers to most of my sexual frustrations! Incredible! My spite and melancholy slowly faded away as I was lead to pubs night after night using my newfound confidence. My poor rat suffered. Soon enough I could tell he was getting angry. I was neglecting the little fella. I heard about rodent play on this godforsaken place. I thought this activity would bode well for me and my lonely friend. One night, I got a girl drunk enough to try it. My friend was let out of his cage for the first time in weeks! Oh boy the excitement on his cute little snout! I could hear his squeaks! Me and the fine lady were already warmed up. Tickling my friend seemed to do the same for him. At first I let him run about the covers. Scampering around, he eventually found the gateway to the solution of all my life’s issues. She, at first, seemed hesitant to let my friend sniff around. However, I insisted it would do no harm. She obliged to my friend and he quickly made his way through the gateway. She squealed in excitement! I also tried to work my way in but it seemed too tight for a broad fellow like myself. Soon her squealing stopped. She looked at me, tears in her eyes. I stopped what I was doing. My shit eating grin turned sour. She ran, leaving nothing behind but my poor friend, crushed. I picked him up and heard his whimpers one final time. As his life drained away, I knew I had to do something, to avenge my only friend. The very thing that made me change into a better person had died at the hands of some awful fiend! I chased her down the alleyway. I wore nothing but a half tied robe. I saw her running towards a bridge, the moon glistening over her pale white body. Little did she know I ran indoor track and was well suited for the task at hand. I bolted as fast as I could. The slaps of my feet reminded me of the scampering of my dearly departed friend. Invigorated, I yelled to her. She turned swiftly to me, losing her balance and falling over the railing. The splash of her body against the cold water was heard what felt like seconds later. She was surely done for. With that information in mind I quickly ran home hoping to salvage what I had left of my friend. Sadly the neighbors cat got to him first. I never thought that one fateful day at the pet shop would lead my life to the place it is today, but I’m glad it did. For a long time I cried, but now I am happy again. I will always remember my little rat friend.
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2021.12.05 19:55 Solwid Zaubermodifikationen in Optolith

Aves zum Grusse!
Tut mir leid, falls das schon gefragt wurde: Kann man im Program Optolith Zaubermodifikationen kaufen und wenn ja wo/wie? Dokumentiert sind sie im Tool-Tipp ja bereits.
Vielen Dank und spannende Spielerunden an alle!
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2021.12.05 19:55 bigwillyXO Vaginal Problems

A girl and I had sexual relations which ended in her taking plan b. Four days later she is experiencing itching, burning, soreness and redness on her vagina. It is all interior. She has no discharge right now. I have no STD’s. Any ideas what it could be?
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2021.12.05 19:55 yuandeivi666 ayuken volador, dario cabezan't, juan visco

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2021.12.05 19:55 napacabbagu let's kill someone today (ノ´∀`*) does anyone else have intrusive thoughts or imaginary friends? <3

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2021.12.05 19:55 Lucky-Sort-8554 This motherfucker at the gas station (Look at how he has the gas pipe inserted)

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2021.12.05 19:55 NTAEndar Reshiram Raid Add 3613 7031 3421

Starting asap!
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2021.12.05 19:55 mr_slightlygood Survey on Nostalgia in brand advertising

Hey guys, I've posted my survey here before but I'm looking for a few more respondents. The survey is for a class project and takes most people about 2-5 minutes. I am open to filling out other surveys in exchange.
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2021.12.05 19:55 torchredzo6 [WTS] RARE GLOCK 21 PREBAN MAGS (IL)

Rare LE trainer mags. Fully functional just orange :). These go for $100 a piece on gun joker so someone please buy them :). Good deal for someone more patient than I am.
$115 shipped for all 3
PayPal Venmo Cashapp no notes please
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2021.12.05 19:55 Balnitin0 [Hire Me] Physics, Economics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology {Smartyy#0029}

I can do your assignments/quizzes of physics , chemistry, Maths ,statistics, Biology and Economics. I can do help on Pearson, webAssign, Cengage , Blackboard, Canvas , edgenuity and others. I will keep safe your logins and will help you with affordable prices. You can contact me through Discord : Smartyy#0029 and can ping me on reddit also. You can check my vouches in my profile.
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