[FRESH VIDEO] Animal Collective - Prester John

2021.10.20 10:56 solaire1416 [FRESH VIDEO] Animal Collective - Prester John

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2021.10.20 10:56 I_Am_A_PiGeOnN Or "Fuck me for the lose" same thing.

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2021.10.20 10:56 pepijno Hale Hortler in Vienna

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2021.10.20 10:56 Regular_Loan_8535 Další zakázána fotka? 😏

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2021.10.20 10:56 auto180sx Looking for scenic drives, landmarks, and other cool places to see around Louisville and Southern Indiana.

With the weather changing, the wife and I are looking for a nice drive out of the city this weekend to sight see. We'd love some suggestions on places to go off the beaten path! Covered bridges, historic buildings we can see, great views, and anything else you could suggest!
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2021.10.20 10:56 LMO110 The Twitter Game destroyed my last remaining brain cell...

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2021.10.20 10:56 MulciberTenebras Scooby-Dooby-Doooooooo!

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2021.10.20 10:56 JealousToe0 Jessica Biel

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2021.10.20 10:56 wazutazi2 Shorting at the peak never meant true “profit” but was to hEdGe short positions (and reduce exposure) until retail left. If more than 14 mil shares (duh) were shorted at/below $40, heDgIEs R fuK. Wrinkle check please

Shorting at the peak never meant true “profit” but was to hEdGe short positions (and reduce exposure) until retail left. If more than 14 mil shares (duh) were shorted at/below $40, heDgIEs R fuK. Wrinkle check please submitted by wazutazi2 to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 10:56 International_Lab_13 USA Based Service - PPV/247/Movie Channels/All Sports/Local Channels/Adult

✅ 2,800+ live TV channels from around the world. Sections for Brazil, Portuguese, Caribbean, Filipino, German, Latino, UK, and Canada.
✅ ALL major sports channels for (NFL, MLB, NBA,NHL, NCAA, SEC Net, ACC Net, Big10 Net, Longhorn Net, Pac10 Net)
✅ PPV Events (UFC, WWE, BOXING, etc)
✅ Racing PPV (DV, FLO, Mav, etc)
✅ All ESPN channels
✅ UFC / Bellator Fights
✅ ALL premium movie channels (HBO, Showtime, Cmax, Encore, Starz, etc)
✅ Adult Channels (can be blocked or requested for service without)
✅ Local Channels (where available)
✅ 24/7 Movie, TV, and Kids channels
✅ Music Channels
✅ TV access on your Firestick, Apple TV, mobile phone, PC, or tablet
✅ ALL 1080p HD
✅ Full Guide with EPG
❌ No Credit Checks
❌ No Auto Billing
❌ No Contracts
❌ No Hidden Fees
Only $12 a month. Works with Firesticks, Android TV boxes, Android phones/tablets, Apple products, and computers. NOT compatible with Roku. Pay as you go, month to month, or for up to 6 months subscription.
No VOD. No Catchup. CinemaHD app will be provided for VOD. No reseller positions.
Compatible with Smarters and Tivimate. App download will be provided if needed.
$12 for 1 stream $20 for 2 streams $25 for 3 streams.
Support provided - Discord and Facebook group.
Send me a chat for more info or to get started!
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2021.10.20 10:56 Dbthespian Retirement party for my wife's Scoundrel

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2021.10.20 10:56 WathDogs VOADORA NINJA!

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2021.10.20 10:56 NFCAAOfficialRefBot [GAME THREAD] #10 (4-1) Charlotte @ (3-2) FIU

Charlotte Charlotte @ FIU FIU
Game Start Time: 3:30 PM ET
Location: Riccardo Silva Stadium, Miami, FL
Watch: FSPNews

Team Coach(es) Offense Defense
Charlotte Charlotte stripes361 Flexbone 4-3
FIU FIU kennyswhitesoxhat Pistol 3-4
Charlotte Charlotte
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
0 yards 0 yards 0 yards 0 0 0/0 0:00 3
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
0 yards 0 yards 0 yards 0 0 0/0 0:00 3
Clock Quarter Down Ball Location Possession Playclock Deadline
7:00 1 1st & 10 -1 FIU FIU 10/21 09:56 AM EST 10/30 09:56 AM EST
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
FIU 0 0 0 0 0
Charlotte 0 0 0 0 0
Unable to generate play list
Waiting on a response from stripes361 to this comment.
Admin: Restart | Edit Charlotte | Edit FIU | Rerun play | Pause | Chew | Abandon
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2021.10.20 10:56 MyIpodStillWorks The Hollendyke Wrecking Service, Clarksburg, West Virginia - 1933

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2021.10.20 10:56 Zashtee_Hans67 Killer Pasta (Pasta all'assassina)

One the tremendously interesting vegan Italian dish that uses a different cooking technique. Curious to hear your thought people, has anyone tried cooking it?

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2021.10.20 10:56 sea_kaplumbagasi Reçel Tahin Soğan’a Şiir

Reçel Tahin Soğan, Doğru düzgün söz çıkmıyor ağzından. Aldın ülkeye bir sürü Afgan. Sandın kendini başkomutan.
Reçel Tahin Soğan, Sensin milletimin kökünü kurutan, Anasını ağlatan. Var etrafında bir sürü çığırtkan. Yoksa nasıl alırız sesini sarayından?
Reçel Tahin Soğan, Bari kork Allahtan. Akıl yok sende anlaşılan. Bizde var hep boş cüzdan. Bir sürü soru var açıklanamayan.
Reçel Tahin Soğan, Ne zaman peydahlandın ananın amından? Çok bilirsin sanki finansman. Eskiden bir başbakan, Şimdi ise cep boşaltan.
Reçel Tahin Soğan, Geleceğim oraya birazdan, Ve sikeceğim götünü usuldan.
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2021.10.20 10:56 Yasingamer5512 وقتی با ارمور ندرایتی میمیری

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2021.10.20 10:56 may_june_july Pinnacle Bank Breaks Ground on New Building

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2021.10.20 10:56 xCoutso Whom will you simp

Whom will you simp?
View Poll
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2021.10.20 10:56 sorrynoonehere How can I get over this feeling?

I'm 26 old single dude working as a Freelance Web developer. Recently I started to feel alone than usual when I'm at Home. When I'm outside or when I'm at gym I don't feel like this. May be this started to happens because recently my sister got married.
I don't have many friends like usual for freelance web developers since we are working from home. I didn't had a relationship with a girl for the last 2-3 years probably. I was so much focusing on my career and I didn't had time to approach a girl didn't even get a chance since I spend most of my time in front of a computer at my home.
Even though I don't like to meet people online, Recently I have tried a dating site. Oh my god, that hit me with a strike, each request I sent got rejected. I believe that's because of 2 reasons. One is I'm not the most good looking guy around (but not the most ugly looking) and the second is my job. Maybe girls thinks my job is not stable. At least that's what I saw on dating sites, most girls looking for a handsome rich guy with stable job. I thought I've sent request for girls with high expectations (handsome rich guy), but then I tried for girls who doesn't look beautiful and doesn't have a higher family background and etc. Still I got rejected for some reason.
How can I overcome this situation? I don't want to give up on my career and work for a company. Because I want to get a girl. If no one wants to have a relationship with me because of my job, I would rather be single, but I need to overcome this feeling alone thing. Any advice I highly appreciated.
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2021.10.20 10:56 PizzaMaster007 How do you destroy metal camo blimps

I don't have a pic of them but every time I get to round 90, I get destroyed by metal camo blimps, how can I counter them?
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2021.10.20 10:56 PopcornCowgirl Sugar Skulls ready for a regifter.

Struggling to post with the image atm, which is unusual.
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2021.10.20 10:56 the-code-chic [For Hire] Life Coaching services to empower you to live your dream life (starting $40/hour)

So whatever that means to you, your dream life:

  • doing your own thing, being your own boss
  • learning anything you want to (and yes I mean anything: cooking, chemistry, nuclear sciences, playing the ukelele, gardening, mathematics, french. anything.)
  • getting into a shape you adore (nothing more flattering than seeing yourself fit seamlessly into that gorgeous dress or those amazing sweatpants. whichever your preference ;))
  • making connections that truly matter (with yourself, and those around you. coz that is what we're really here for <3)
  • communicating like the boss you are (wanna work on your communication muscles for that salary raise, pitching that product to investors, or just telling your story with all your heart? I got you.)
  • leaping into doing work that makes you feel truly alive (coz I don't think anything, and I mean anything, can ever beat waking up joyous - ready to dive into creating something so exciting, it lights all of you up. Beach houses, travel around the world tickets and plushy poodles are just delightful extras x)
  • getting into a pattern of making more of the things you love happen
  • dating & relationships (yes, dating expert here - information relayed as told by others x)
  • making your selling/pitching game irresistible (did I tell you of how I once sold chocolates worth $40 for over $300 in 2 hours?)
  • becoming your truest charismatic self, owning any room you walk into, and just feeling exhilarating being the charming conversationalist you've been meant to be (being an ENFP++ - yupp that's a thing coz i'm extra extraa extraaa and I love C++ haha - if there was only one thing you had to learn from me, it should be this)
  • diving deep into psychology and how I use it everyday to make what I want happen, and how you can use it too, to make what you want happen (fun fact: I don't even know what I'm using are psychology tricks until I actually read something that calls them out as such)
  • making every of your relationships into being richer, more joyous and meaningful than you ever imagined possible
  • developing a personality trait you've been admiring from afar for a while now (anything and everything from grit, patience, empathy to emotional expressiveness, vulnerability, authenticity, joy, creativity, gratitude, perseverance, love, care, kindness, warmth, or just pure sass x whatever your choice ;))
  • creating your own opportunities (been called out an opportunity creator wayyyyy too many times, I thought it might be time I just taught someone else that)
  • making the growth mindset yours (there's no bigger gift we can give ourselves than this <3)
  • figuring out what they all say is 'your calling'/'your callings' (coz the more, the merrier haha)

And maybe, more importantly for me, to fall in love with yourself, everything and everyone around you. Because I don't think there's anything that means more to me than that. And because I know that to be the only reason to be here. To empower all of us to live our best lives.

If you felt: a spark, ecstatic tinglement, dreamy smiles, watery eyes, sprightly heartbeats, or any combination of the above x, then you just know you have to reach out. And how do you do that? Reddit Chatssss <3
Oh and our make-your-dream-life-happen sessions will be via Zoom/Google Meet starting at $40 an hour, payable via Wise.

Have a brilliant one you,
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2021.10.20 10:56 -Aporia Never underestimate the effectiveness of blockchain systems. These are the future's creators.

What we are witnessing from blockchain apps and platforms is literally fantastic. These platforms allow us to see the future through our own eyes. They have previously established high standards and excelled at an exceptional level.
I don't want to get into technical specifics, but I do want to talk about the futuristic ideals that inspired those initiatives. Dapps will actually take over in the next years.
Decentralized platforms are tackling every subject and doing well. Ojamu, for example, is a blockchain-based marketing business that employs artificial intelligence to discover the most efficient and successful marketing methods. If it isn't futuristic, I don't know what is.
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2021.10.20 10:56 thammmmu Don't miss the chance to get your free stock(s)! Get $150 worth of Apple stock when you sign up and deposit $100 with Webull!!

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