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2021.10.20 09:42 SipulitWasNotTaken forget socializing

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2021.10.20 09:42 alsoandanswer Fall of The East India Company

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2021.10.20 09:42 almac26 New Research Directly Links Western Fashion Brands to Deforestation

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2021.10.20 09:42 Sardoshimal Which hero have the hottest thighs

Except Balmond...
and Thamuz
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2021.10.20 09:42 Helos_Summer2015 Eu to cansada de só ficar vadiando, mas eu preciso muito parar um pouco.

Descobri ontem que perdi o PSS 2 porque não paguei o boleto a tempo, então todo o tempo que eu passei estudando para essa droga foi para o lixo. Eu estava dando mais importância ao PSS do que para as minhas aulas online, tudo porque eu estava com muito dificuldade para assistir aula desde a pandemia (eu nas aulas presenciais eu acabava sendo forçada a tentar prestar atenção na aula, já que eu não tinha mais nada para fazer, e ficar fazendo nada para mim é sinônimo de enlouquecer), então para eu não me sentir uma inútil total passei a estudar para passar nessa prova.
Agora como eu não tenho nada de muito grande para me ocupar to me sentindo uma bosta completa. Eu tenho atividades para fazer, uma casa para arrumar, meus irmãos para cuidar, só que eu não to com animo para nada sabe? Eu simplesmente queria ficar aqui por um tempo quieta na frente desse computador, pensando no que eu vou fazer com a porra da minha vida de agora em diante, se eu vou estudar para o ENEM agora, ou sei lá, mas eu tenho muita coisa para fazer.
Acaba virando um paradoxo, eu to sem animo e para recuperar ele eu preciso parar um pouco e fazer algo legal para a minha cabeça, mas se eu parar eu vou me sentir uma inútil, o que me faz ficar ainda mais sem animo, mas sem vontade eu não consigo fazer nada. Minha cabeça não para de me cobrar por um segundo e eu não aguento mais.
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2021.10.20 09:42 JunFanLee Anyone want a shelf that take's up more space than is useable

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2021.10.20 09:42 EdMarCarSe Socialist art: “You! Have you signed up with the volunteers?” (From the times of the Russian Revolution of 1917)

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2021.10.20 09:42 clingy_introvert A quick question to the mods

According to the rules, it is not allowed to tell people to go get help. Now, I might sound very naive, but would trying to offer help be allowed?
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2021.10.20 09:42 overlord0906 Ch109 - revisited

This chapter is all about Ira ( for you Jira shippers out there)
We start with Ira on call. She's speaking with joon, and they are having a conversation about their day(work etc).
Ira asks him when he's going to get off. Joon responds with 10 pm. Ira lies ands says that she's getting off at 10 too , joon also points out that he hates working overtime.
Ira tells him that she'll be in the neighborhood around that time and they should get a beer together. They decide to meet at the University's amphitheatre and Ira tells him that she'll see him later, at the uni.
Ira's manager has been eavesdropping on the conversation and points out that she's not working overtime and it's only 6pm; why did Ira say 10
She's reasons that Ira is making a move on some guy and cheers her on ( while the manager herself is doing overtime)
Ira boards a metro train and is lost in thought. She thinks to herself,
1) that man is a grad student,
2)who's obviously not over his ex,
3) he's her long-time drinking buddy,
4) and he doesn't see her as a woman.
Ira realises that she's got time to kill and that she should go home and get ready. We cut to joon who is walking with his friends inside the university.
They inquisitively ask him, who the (special) person is? Joon is surprised and asks them why they followed him. They remark that joon has been skipping them to have drinks with a girl instead.
They point at 3 girls, including a professor. Joon tells that she's just a close friend and that it's the number 1 girl.
They are mesmerised by her beauty ,even going as far as saying that she looks like the lead of a tv series and that she's most definitely not a grad student ( ira went home and got changed). Joon tells them that she's a close friend and the only reason they hang out is that Ira has recently moved and joon is her only friend there.
Joon's a female friend points out that she is 100% sure that Ira has feelings for him because, 1) she keeps checking herself in her selfie camera,
2) she's dressed but not overtly,
3)she's a little nervous.
She dismisses this and splits with his friends who are equal parts excited and jealous.
While walking towards her joon ponders over what his friends . Ira greets him and it gets tacitly awkward.
Flashback time . Joon did try to date after Duna. Once , he was with a girl and it was going well. Suddenly he smelt a cigarette and he was instantly reminded of Duna, causing his heart to sink. He wished that it didn't happen again.
So Ira and joon go to the amphitheatre and Ira remarks how drinking is her only joy. Joon interrupts her by saying thank you.
Ira asks him why? He tells her that she's hangs out with him irrespective of that fact that he's a grad student. Ira tells him that working isn't special either and they ponder over what is special.
They joke about winning the lottery and that joon would spilt it with Ira if they ever did.
We cut to the uni, the next day and joon looks at the festival poster, he sees Duna there and his heart goes crazy.
Chad, the PhD student, rushes into a lab looking for joon , he is flustered because Duna is here. However, he meets some other kids who don't know who Duna is. He tells them that she's joon's ex. They are taken aback and chad thinks that he should not have said that.
We finally cut to Duna . Her assistant comes into her dressing room to ask her to come out for some snacks. She catches Duna looking at her schedule. The assistant asks her if she should cancel some festivals because they schedule is too packed.
To which Duna replies, that's the more the better , it's just that she hadn't been to school in a while.
1) aight, surprise surprise, Ira is in love with joon. The fact that she's lying about her schedule and her overtime just go spend a little time with him is quite beautiful and precious.
2) Ira is not a fool, she's well aware of joon's disposition and yet she's making a move. Quite brave, however, I suppose internally, ira is prepping herself for a rejection. We know from ch113, that she actually is quite jealous and heartbroken when joon mentions that he is going to meet Duna. So clearly, her feelings will overpower her.
3) back in season 1 , joon tells us that he eventually realised ira's feelings for him. We being to see it start.
4) another interesting tidbit of joon's increasing cognizance of his "feelings" towards ira is when he acknowledges that he probably told her everything when he was drunk but she didn't bring it up because she's so considerate. Furthermore, she remarks on her sweetness (of character).
5) unfortunately, we know all of this is frozen when Duna enters the picture again. Joon's feelings for her get reignited and Ira is consigned to being a bro again.
6) so we come to the flashpoint- Duna. Jira, joona and everything for that matter depends on what she does. If she gives up, we will certainly have a Jira ending, why? Because joon is already starting to take Ira and her feelings into account.
7) if she does do something and fight for joon , jira dies even before it's born.we know that Ira is well aware of his feelings, so she won't be hurt to a large extent ( hopefully).
8) in my humble opinion, Jira is obviously the best ending for Ira,but so is Joona. It will free her from her anxiety and give her closure too. She'll finally be free to move on and meet someone who is able to reciprocate her love far better than joon could.
Aight, waiting on u/Jaded_Cow1068 with the ch116 teaser and u/manndoo with ch114.
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2021.10.20 09:42 Teamr0cketgrunt Ryan is looking a little tanner than usual on this display...

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2021.10.20 09:42 Compass_Art_Works Graceful woman

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2021.10.20 09:42 BrightscapesArt Great Grandfather's Church, Mike Kraus, pen ink graphite, 2020

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2021.10.20 09:42 sickluffyy what is the Best gaming monitor at 200/210 €?

i'm doing a build and i need a 24" monitor someone can help me pls? 😞
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2021.10.20 09:42 the_boat_is_sinking_ disclaimer: I didn't read the report but I assume Bernie did.

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2021.10.20 09:42 Captaincrabsticks86 Enjoying back to blood! 🩸

It’s pretty satisfying, just some of the animations need attention the bloaters and the the guys with huge arms the hit boxes some way off. But I’m loving the left for dead vibes one of my favourite games. Also turn off auto aim!
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2021.10.20 09:42 Maki_the_Nacho_Man Virtual Box not shows option to select 64-bit on my MacBook air M1

Hello. My new MacBook air arrived yesterday, but I'm facing this issue. I need to use a version o Linux in 64-bit, but the virtual box only shows options for 32-bit. I haven't had this issue on my other computer. Could you tell me how to enable the 64-bit options, please?
Thank you.
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2021.10.20 09:42 Kappacatx Diddy Kong

Check out Diddy kong!
A guy with a Telegram for the same reason as this reddit exist just posted it. Get in early!!
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2021.10.20 09:42 uMarcosJr ubisoft being ubisoft

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2021.10.20 09:42 jjsterc Three-sixty-five...

Whelp, I did it for the first time in my 31 years of being alive.
One year of sobriety...
I was going to type out a big, long message about where I was and where I am now, but I honestly feel fine just sharing that it's officially been one year and my life is unimaginably better than it was 366 days ago.
A few key points to note:

Thanks to this community, my dog, Indy, and all of the lovely people in my life who helped me get through the dark times.
That is all.
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2021.10.20 09:42 prvlad Вот-вот

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2021.10.20 09:42 sophiuh DAE lose their ability to focus when others are talking

I feel like this is a stupid question but I’m in study hall right now and people are talking… how tf are people able to focus on a book or write an essay while others are talking?? Is anyone else just unable to do this? Sorry if this is unclear I’m a bit frustrated right now..
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2021.10.20 09:42 Golden_Marine I wanna share with you guys my first art. What you guys think?

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2021.10.20 09:42 Dismal_Impact9078 Sore on my lip after dentist appt

I have gone to the same dentist for years and have never had a problem. Yesterday there was a dental hygienist who was new who did my cleaning. I have never had a dental hygienist tough my face so much. She would grab my lip to open my mouth and the get more access she would pinch my lip and cheek to see more. She suctioned my tongue and lip. She was sweet and none of these things hurt, I just thought it was kind of odd. I told the dentist what happened and it’s fine. But today I woke up and there is a sore on my lip. I never get sores on my lip, so I am kind of scared that something was passed to me from the instruments. Do I have reason to be concerned and what do I do?
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