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2021.10.20 11:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | Sözleşmeli er alımı başvuru sonucu sorgulama- MSB sözleşmeli er alımı başvuru detayları #TürkiyeCumhuriyetiMilliSavunmaBakanlığı #TürkKaraKuvvetleri #Türkiye son saatin en çok aranan 6. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 6 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2021.10.20 11:07 Guetguet1993 [S] PYP survivor: The Frist (ep 4)

Ep 4. She’s Mine
[Previously on Survivor… In the last episode the Nai tribe revisited the Tribal Council, and some interesting developments were made. At the end, it was down to Green and Kyoko, and their fate was left up to the public. They had to decide whether to save one and eliminate the other or save/eliminate both. Now we have the results, the public have decided to save only one person, and with 66% of the votes, that person is… Kyoko. I’m sorry Green, but for you your journey ends here. Please make your way to the nearest confessional to say your last words.]

-Green: Should have been more careful, Green. You should have been more careful. I guess this serves as a lesson that no matter what you do to your team, you can’t hide from the public. Kyoko, I actually have to congratulate you, you beat me fair and square, not many can say they’ve bested me before. I hope somebody who’s worthy actually wins this damn show.-

[As is customary, with the departure of the Green, we have to bring in a new competitor. However, this time we are introducing 2 new competitors. Please welcome Henry Stickmin and Lady, please allow them to say a few words.]

Henry: My name is Henry Stickmin and I am a “professional” thief. I'm a pretty ambitious person in life and obviously I came here to… do stuff. I'm a very ambitious person and I'm here to… do stuff. Okay I don’t know what I can do at the top of my head, but what I do know is that luck is certainly not going to be on my side. I hope that with Survivor I can put an end to my bad luck and start the cycle anew.
Lady: Hi I’m Lady and I am a housewife. I'm a city girl, so I've rarely been in the jungle. I'm doing this show for my 4 kids who I love, as well as my husband Tramp. I hope I can go as far as possible in this adventure!

. Green [Nai] -ELIMINATED-
. Henry Stickmin -NEW-
. Hank Moody [Koror]
. Kyoko Kirigiri [Nai]
. Lady [Nai] -NEW-
. Lee Everett [Koror]
. Lightning [Nai] -ELIMINATED-
. Noelle Holiday [Nai]
. Petunia [Koror]
. Primarina [Koror]
. Princess Daisy [Koror]
. Rick Sanchez [Nai]
. Spamton [Koror] -ELIMINATED-
. Spirit [Nai]
. Sweet [Koror]
. Taylor 'Skitter' Herbert [Nai]

Nai Day 10

[Lady and Henry arrive on camp quickly, the two candidates start talking to each other.]

Lady: What do you think of the team so far?
Henry: Hard to say, it seems like there are already some very strong alliances.
Lady: I'm just afraid that if we lose we’ll be picked off.
Henry: Well, we need to make sure that doesn’t happen, and most importantly we have to work together as a Tribe.
Lady: Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea.

-Lady: I'm happy to have Henry by my side, we're both the new guys and I think that if we protect each other, we can go far on this show.-
-Henry: Luck is certainly not on my side, the team’s all buddy-buddy together and I only hope I can worm my way into that. But to do that, I'm going to have to play strategically, she seems nice but I don’t see Lady making it far. She’s just too old for this and although she’s nice, she can’t do much, I mean Rick’s older than her but he can actually do useful stuff. There’s a part of me that pities her, but it’s a shame we’ll lose the challenge because of her.-

[Kyoko on the other hand goes through each individual piece of ballot paper and inspects them. She picks up two votes for her, one hand written and the other typed, and compares them side by side.]

-Kyoko: Clearly a person on this tribe doesn’t trust me, why else would they add in an extra vote? Somebody doesn’t like, fair enough. But cheating against the rules of the game, that’s where I draw the line. And they would have gotten away with it, but only if that person didn’t use a machine to produce it. A machine that everybody knows about…-

Koror Day 10

[Hank wakes up early and tries to start a fire, however Lee is nearby already attempting to start the fire.]

Hank: Hey, Lee!
Lee: Yeah?
Hank: How dare you touch my Petunia. She is my sweetheart!
Lee: Hank, what the hell are you talking about?
Hank: Don’t deny it you fucking dick, I know you two are together!
Lee: Listen Hank, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just let me make this fire in peace, okay?
[Hank throws himself at Lee and the two men begin to fight, waking up the rest of the tribe. Soon the other tribe members wake up and separate the two men.]
Hank: You're going to pay for this asshole!!!
Lee: Get help Hank, seriously!

-Lee: I don't understand what Hank has against me, I know he's obsessed with Petunia but if anything he needs to deal with her and not me, plus there was that whole scene a couple of days ago between them. I think I’ll discuss this with the others, we need to settle this quickly.-

[After the clash Sweet goes to see Primarina who is still sleeping.]

Sweet: Yo, I got some news!
Primarina: Jesus, Sweet I'm still getting my beauty sleep!
Sweet: I know what's going on with Lee.
Primarina: Oh really? Well, speak up then.
Sweet: Lee is in a relationship.
Primarina: Okay… with who?
Sweet: With Hank! They were fighting with each other; he was originally going after Petunia, but Lee was trying to convince Hank to go for him! We can say that it is really some fire between them.

-Primarina: Well, that was a waste of time! I finally see that all this time he was with Hank of all people! Lee obviously has some serious low standards, so maybe if we get rid of Hank, I can have my way with him, and guide him like a moth to a flame.-
-Sweet : There is too much love in this camp! Hank is dating Lee, Petunia is with Daisy and I am obviously dating Primarina. Of course between me and her it's just for the show, I'm more into dating objects and not animals.-

Nai Day 11

[Rick and Spirit started to tinker around with Jeff when Kyoko arrives with the votes in her coat pocket.]

Kyoko: Excuse me. Can we talk?
Rick: Sure, go ahead.
[Kyoko takes out the extra vote with her name on it. Both boys are looking at each other.]
Kyoko: Does this mean anything to you?
Rick: No!
Spirit: No!
Kyoko: Awfully strange that there were 7 votes, only though there are 6 of us.
Spirit: Yeah, I was just as surprised. So, why are you talking to us, have you not talked to the others yet?
Rick: Yeah, we all have distinct handwriting, so it should be easy to see who it was.
Kyoko: If you say so, but don’t think you’re out of the woods yet.

-Spirit: I still have my vote with me, but I think Rick must have used his. She may know, and if she spills the beans, I’m going to be on the chopping block.-
-Rick: Of coursed I used my vote, I’ve got nothing to hide. That girl Kyoko is annoying to be around, she’s smart but is actually trying to play fair. But I'm the smarter one around here, so I don’t care if she knows about the fake votes, I’ll print out as many as I need for things to go my way.-

[Meanwhile Skitter finishes fishing with Lady and Henry.]

-Skitter: Noelle hasn’t talked to me anymore since Green was voted out, I feel guilty as I voted for him, but maybe Kyoko was right, she’s not very talkative but she seems reasonable. I'm a strong woman here and I need to eliminate those who deserve it, except for Noelle of course.-

[Skitter finds Noelle on the beach.]

Skitter: Hey.
Noelle: ...
Skitter: Don't you want to talk?
Noelle: I thought we were friends Skitter, but now… now I see that I was wrong.
Skitter: Noelle, I’m still your friend, whatever made you think that?
Noelle: When Guet pulled out the votes, I saw yours… and you chose to vote for our friend, Green. Why did you listen to that Kyoko girl?
Skitter: …Because there was a chance that she was right. Green was too distant from us, he was quick to start our friendship, he was just a bit too fishy.
Noelle: So that's it, you didn’t trust him because he didn’t talk to us? Is that’s what’s happening now? Are we not friends anymore?
Skitter: No I...
Noelle: I can't take it anymore Skitter! I don't know if I want to stay in this game, it's too hard on me, you know this. My friends are leaving me and the others are betraying me… I'm all alone.
Skitter: That’s where you’re wrong, I’m here Noelle. I want to make it up to you, honestly I do, can you at least give me a second chance?
Noelle: …Okay. But that’s it.

-Noelle: My friendship with Skitter has taken a real turn for the worse. I don't think I could trust her as much as before. However I need friends here, she's the only one who defends me and has protected me since the beginning, so I can at least give her a second chance.-

[The immunity challenge was going to be played but the Koror tribe made a proposal to Guet to give up immunity and go to tribal council right away. Guet accepted and Nai went home with immunity. Quite anti-climatic I know.]

[It's quite a surprise that the Koror tribe decided to come to tribal council of their own accord. Hank has created a lot of tension around camp, Lee as a newcomer has also had a lot of pressure on him, but this tribal council could serve as a complete blindside and the Tribe could vote out a person that no one would assume. It's time to reveal the votes.]

The first vote goes to… Hank.
The second vote goes to… Lee.
The third vote goes to… Hank.
The fourth vote goes to… Hank.
The fifth vote goes to… Hank.
The final vote goes to… Hank.

[The final results are 6 votes Hank, 1 vote Lee. Hank, Lee. The tribe has spoken, now your fate rests in the hands of the public. May luck be on your side.]

PYP Choice

Who will be save
Extra Vote 2

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Edited by u/O4All12
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An upcoming event is coming!! ⚔️ Alliances are forming ⚔️🌄Gather your friends! Work with others, Create Alliances and Prepare! Join DRAKEN NFT now and gain exciting rewards and a chance to get WL!! 🎁Links Posted Below 👇 submitted by JohnyPineda77 to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

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2021.10.20 11:07 PrettyScene30 Tent camping in Arizona

I am terrified of tent camping in Arizona because of snakes and scorpions… am I overreacting?
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2021.10.20 11:07 DealsCanada Samsung 75″ TU8000 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV – $1298

Link: … EKTEL-eSpA Retailer:
Features & details Crystal Processor 4K – Experience the content you love in 4K resolution powered by the Crystal Processor 4K that works to upscale all of your content. Game Enhancer – Get into the game faster. Game Enhancer optimizes your screen for more control and minimal lag so you can experience smoother gaming on your TV. Built-In Bixby, Alexa & Google Voice Assistants Ambient Mode Lite – No more black screen. Your TU8000 can mimic the wall pattern behind it, or display art, photos, or information. HDR10+/HDR10/HLG – High-Dynamic Range increases the range of light levels on your TV so you can enjoy stunning detail and an enormous spectrum of colors even in the darkest scenes Boundless Design – The sleek, minimalistic style draws you into a pure cinematic experience. See the picture, not the TV
Link: … EKTEL-eSpA
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2021.10.20 11:07 enkrateia_kode Hybrid Exchange and shared mailboxes / distribution lists problem

Hi to everyone! A little bit of context:

Just started the migration of my Exchange 2010 on prem to office 365. Right now I've migrated 5 mailboxes (hybrid mode) and everything is going fine.
Today I found the first problem: when trying to send as a distribution list ([]( I recieve an error message saying that I don't have permission to do so.
The distribution list is on prem and if I check the users permissions to 'send as', they exist.
The same problem is found when trying to send as a shared mailbox that's still on prem. The difference here is that the users that had the rights to send as this shared mailbox are now on the office 365 site (not on prem).
Is like office 365 isn't managing the rights correctly...
Can someone give me a clue? I'm breaking my head for ideas and found nothing

Thanks y'all!
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2021.10.20 11:07 fuchsiazebra How do I transition from newspaper layout/typesetting to writing/journalism?

I'm a college student with two semesters left. I'm an Interdisciplinary major with focuses in art history and behavioral/social sciences and I'm minoring in writing and rhetoric.
I've been working as a typesetteproduction associate at a small "boutique" print newspaper for the last nine months, but my goal is become a writer. Alongside newspaper layout I also do some proofreading and editing at work. My boss has been slowly giving me more responsibility because (I think) she trusts me. I was really excited when I got my job because working for a newspaper felt like progress, but I don't know if the newspaper I work for has room for me to transition into writing because it's small and they already have a team of seasoned writers. Right now I feel pretty lost and like I've been wasting my time. Will my current job even help with getting writing jobs later on? Initially I thought any experience in the publishing industry at all would, but I feel very stuck. Does anyone have tips for how to get a writing job or transition into writing? TIA!
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2021.10.20 11:07 PrettyFreakinUnfunny Thoughts on how to balance Boons

I think Boon totems are a cool idea, but they're incredibly overpowered in their current state. Not game-breaking, but enough that they completely wreck any semblance of balance. I had a few random thoughts on how they could be tweaked.

Honestly, any one of those would go a long way towards balancing the whole mechanic. I don't think they should be totally eliminated, but it feels like something needs to be changed.
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2021.10.20 11:07 _xlSTR8xMURK_ What is the best infinite flight mount in your opinion

View Poll
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2021.10.20 11:07 tomie77897 Gentle Daily Reminder...

...that just because we have BPD, it does not make us automatically abusive or evil. We suffer through enough from our symptoms. And YOU, us, we are still worthy of compassion, care and love. Just like everyone else.
Have a lovely day and please take care.
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2021.10.20 11:07 kingjaymes1234 Top 5 Hardest Bosses in both Undertale and Deltarune

  1. And 2. Undyne the Undying and Sans (Interchangeable)
  2. Jevil
  3. Omega Flowey
  4. Spamton NEO (Might be higher, is from what little I know on him) Honorable mentions
  5. Asgore
  6. Chaos King
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2021.10.20 11:07 EylanaE The Tragedy of Malchor

If anyone wants to read some more about Malchor's story and his love for Dwayna, here's a nice story.
The Tragedy of Malchor
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2021.10.20 11:07 ickybus overview for Huldag9j

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